College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Sociology

Related Fields of Study Requirement for Sociology Majors - 2008

All certified majors in Sociology are required to take a minimum of 24 credits in related fields of study; at least 12 of these credits must be upper division (300-400 level). Students must meet all prerequisite requirements/conditions of enrollment for each of these courses.

Courses used to satisfy the related fields of study requirement may also be used to fulfill GERs.

The following departments and programs are considered fields of study related to Sociology. All courses from these departments and programs that are not cross listed with sociology* courses may be used to fulfill the related fields of study requirement to major in Sociology:
    1. Program In Aging
    2. American Studies
    3. Anthropology
    4. Asia Program
    5. Comparative Ethnic Studies
    6. Criminal Justice
    7. Economics
    8. History
    9. Human  Development
    10. Philosophy
    11. Political Science
    12. Psychology
    13. Rural Sociology
    14. University Honors
    15. Women's Studies


* Cross listed courses:  
Soc/WSt 150 Soc/WSt 351
Soc/DisSt 250 Soc 367/CrmJ 365
Soc/WSt/CES 300 Soc/EconS 375
Soc/WSt 302/CES 305 Soc/WSt 384
Soc/Psych 350 Soc/WSt 484
Soc 380/WSt 390  


Additional courses may be used to fulfill the related fields' requirement upon approval by the Sociology Academic Advisor.

Contact Douglas Juneau / 509 335-0533, with your questions or to have a course reviewed as a related field course.


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