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Connecting Learning with Careers: Internship Opportunities


Soc 495: Capstone Internship

The capstone internship is a self-selected work experience that helps students connect their theoretical knowledge and tools to life in the workplace. In Soc 495 students have the opportunity to apply concepts in social theory to their internship experience. Throughout the course students develop a portfolio of papers designed to help them understand their experiences sociologically. Students must have completed Soc 310 (theory), Soc 317 (research methods), and Soc 321 (statistics) before taking this course. This course fulfills the capstone requirement for sociology majors.

Soc 493: Internship

The general internship has two goals: 1) to provide opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience in professional work environments related to their work and career interests, and 2) to provide working students with the opportunity to use sociological tools to reflect on their work experience. Depending on student interest and instructor requirements, any particular internship may reflect one or the other of these goals. Students may receive up to 12 hours of non-graded course credit. Students should contact to discuss their internship interests.


Students should contact Christine Oakley to discuss their internship interests.


What Students say about their Internships.

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