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Career Opportunities


The undergraduate Sociology major provides excellent preparation for careers in a variety of occupations. Sociology provides a liberal arts education that enhances students' critical thinking and communication skills as well as their understanding of role of social institutions and an understanding of and appreciation for diversity. Sociology also provides training in methods and statistics. These skills are useful in a wide range of careers including public relations, teaching, positions in government, social agencies, and industry; or as a foundation for careers in professions such as architecture and community planning, counseling, law, medicine, the ministry, politics, or public administration.

In today's changing job market, the skills provided by a liberal arts education are increasingly important. In the past, college graduates went relatively quickly into a job and were likely to stay there for most of their career. Now students change jobs many times in the years following graduation and throughout their lives. Indeed, most people not only change jobs, but make multiple career changes. As a result, in 10 or 20 years you may be in a career that you never imagined. This means that students need to have skills that can transfer to different settings: skills in analyzing problems, developing solutions, understanding different kinds of people, and so forth. A Sociology major can provide these kinds of tools.



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