College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Sociology

Exceptional Senior Award


Award: $500 cash award

Purpose: To honor the most exceptional senior at the beginning of his or her senior year in the program.

Eligibility: Undergraduate majoring in Sociology with the highest grade point average at the end of fall semester of his or her junior year. Student must have attended WSU for a minimum of two semesters.

Application: None. Student is selected on the basis of grade point average.

Criteria: Grade point average.

Selection Procedures: The Department Chair, in consultation with the Major Advisor, examines the Registrars list of certified majors and their cumulative grade point average. The major with the highest grade point average receives the award. In case of a tie, the student with the highest number of sociology courses is declared the winner.


Award Announcement: 

The winner will be notified by the Department Chair and a notice of recognition will be posted in the Department's display window outside the Department Office in Wilson-Short Hall. Award winner will be honored at the Department's annual Spring recognition banquet.


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