College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Sociology

Joseph R. DeMartini Travel Grant


Award: Up to $1,000.

Purpose: To support travel to the American Sociological Association Annual Meeting or another appropriate professional meeting to organize, attend or participate in sessions on teaching.

Requirements: A presentation to departmental members and a written report documenting teaching tools and innovations learned from these sessions.

Eligibility: Eligible students include all currently enrolled graduate students in the Department of Sociology who have completed at least one semester of graduate work in the department, and who have teaching experience at WSU (as a TA for a faculty taught course or as an instructor).

Application: Applicants must submit a 2-3 page proposal stating the reasons for seeking this support, the proposed meeting to be attended, activities to be undertaken, and how these activities will contribute to the development of their teaching interests and skills. The proposal must be accompanied by an itemized budget estimate of travel expenses a letter of support from a sociology faculty member familiar with the student's graduate work and teaching interests, and an unofficial transcript of the student's graduate work.

Criteria: Applicants will be evaluated on the basis of:

  • Performance in graduate school to date.
  • Stated interest in the development of teaching skills.
  • The expected benefit of the proposed travel to the student and to the department.




Award Announcement: 


 The winner will be notified by the Department Chair, and will be recognized at the Department of Sociology's annual Sociology banquet. If none of the applications submitted meets the criteria, no award will be given.

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