Department of Sociology


Thomas Rotolo


Ph.D., Arizona, 1995



Areas of Research Interest:

Quantitative Methods, Organizations, Voluntary Associations

Current Research Interests:

My primary research explores aspects of voluntary association membership, participation, and group composition. This research uses and tests ideas from social network theory -- most notably the concept of homophily (the propensity for similars to associate). I also enjoy working on interesting collaborative projects that allow me to utilize my programming skills.

Selected Publications:

Rotolo, Thomas and John Wilson. "Substitute or Complement? Spousal Influence on Volunteering", Journal of Marriage and Family, vol. 68 (May, 2006), pp. 305-319

Rotolo, Thomas and John Wilson. "Employment Sector and Volunteering: The Contribution of Nonprofit and Public Sector Workers to the Volunteer Labor Force", Sociological Quarterly, vol. 47 (Spring, 2006), pp. 21-40

Rotolo, Thomas and John Wilson. 2004. "What Happened to the "Long Civic Generation?": A Tobit Analysis of Cohort Differences in Volunteerism." Social Forces 2:1091-1121


Thomas Rotolo
(509) 335-4414
Wilson-Short Hall 252
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