Department of Sociology


Monica Kirkpatrick Johnson


Ph.D., Minnesota, 1999


Areas of Research Interest:

Life Course; Adolescence and the Transition to Adulthood; Adolescent and Young Adult Health and Well-Being; Education; Work and Family.

Current Research Interests:

My research interests are in the areas of work, family, and education across the life course, with particular focus on well-being and achievement in adolescence and the transition to adulthood.  I am currently involved in research tackling families’ and young people’s adaptations to the changing nature of the transition to adulthood, including familial financial support in young adulthood and its implications for attainment and well-being; change in educational and work ambitions tied to changing personal and historical circumstances; and the interplay of stratification and the development of social psychological resources in promoting well-being and attainment.

Selected Publications:

Johnson, Monica Kirkpatrick.  2013.  “Parental Financial Assistance and Young Adults’ Relationships with Parents and Well-Being.” Journal of Marriage and Family 75:713-733.

Johnson, Monica Kirkpatrick, and John Reynolds.  Forthcoming.  “Educational Expectation Trajectories and Attainment in the Transition to Adulthood.” Social Science Research.

Johnson, Monica Kirkpatrick, Rayna Sage, and Jeylan T. Mortimer.  2012. “Work Value Change, Early Career Difficulties, and the U.S. Economic Recession.”  Social Psychology Quarterly, 75:242-267.

Sage, Rayna Amber, and Monica Kirkpatrick Johnson.  2012.  “Extending and Expanding Parenthood: Parental Support to Young Adult Children.”  Sociology Compass 6(3):256-270.

Crosnoe, Robert, and Monica Kirkpatrick Johnson.  2011.  “Research on Adolescence in the 21st Century.”  Annual Review of Sociology 37:439-460.

Johnson, Monica Kirkpatrick and Jeylan T. Mortimer.  2011.  “Origins and Outcomes of Orientations toward Work.”  Social Forces 89(4):1239-1260.

Reynolds, John, and Monica Kirkpatrick Johnson.  2011.  “Change in the Stratification of Educational Expectations and their Realization.”  Social Forces 90(1):85-109.

Johnson, Monica Kirkpatrick, Robert Crosnoe, and Glen H. Elder, Jr.  2011.  “Insights on Adolescence from a Life Course Perspective.”  Journal of Research on Adolescence  21:273-280.
Johnson, Monica Kirkpatrick and Stefanie Mollborn.  2009.  “Growing Up Faster, Feeling Older:  Hardship in Childhood and Adolescence.”  Social Psychology Quarterly 72:39-60.


Monica Kirkpatrick Johnson
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