Department of Sociology


Julie Kmec


Ph.D., Pennsylvania, 2002


Areas of Research Interest:

Gender & Race/Ethnic Labor Market Inequality, Work Organizations, Workplace Diversity, Social Stratification.

Current Research Interests:

I am interested in how the practices of work organizations—mainly their diversity-oriented human resource practices—shape the work context.  With collaborator, Beth Hirsh (Cornell University), I am exploring the connection between organizational human resource practices, formal complaints over discrimination, and race/sex segregation.  I am also interested in studying how organizational practices shape worker’s experiences (i.e., pay, turnover, mobility).  Another research interest of mine is in how broadly held perceptions of gender impact the work behaviors of women and men.  See my website for more details:

Selected Publications:

Skaggs, Sheryl L. and Julie A. Kmec. 2011. “Checking the Pulse of Diversity among Healthcare Professionals: An Analysis of West Coast Hospitals.” The Annals of the Academy of Political and Social Sciences 639: 236-257.

Kmec, Julie A. 2011. "Are Motherhood Penalties and Fatherhood Bonuses Warranted? Comparing Pro-Work Behaviors and Conditions of Mothers, Fathers, and Non-Parents." Social Science Research 40: 444-459.

Kmec, Julie A., Steve McDonald, and Lindsey B. Trimble. 2010. "Making Gender Fit and 'Correcting' Gender Misfits: Sex Segregated Employment and the Non-Search Process."Gender & Society 24: 213-236. 

Kmec, Julie A. and Elizabeth Gorman. 2010.  "Gender and Discretionary Work Effort: Evidence from the United States and Britain." Work and Occupations 37: 3-36. 

Gorman, Elizabeth and Julie A. Kmec. 2009. "Hierarchical Rank and Women's Organizational Mobility: Glass Ceilings in Corporate Law Firms." American Journal of Sociology  114: 1428-74.

Julie Kmec
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