College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Sociology






Dillman, Don A. Wilson-Short 137 335-4150

Survey Methodology, Community, Rural Sociology and the Diffusion of Technologies

Givens, Jennifer Wilson-Short 239 335-7516

Environmental Sociology, Political Economy, Comparative International Sociology

Horne, Christine Wilson-Short 238 335-3912

Social Norms, Theory, Group Processes

Huddart Kennedy, Emily Wilson-Short 213 335-7513

Environmental sociology; sustainable consumption; environmental politics; cultural sociology

Johnson, Erik Wilson-Short 211 335-8897

Environmental Sociology, Social Movements, Political Sociology, Organizations

Johnson, Monica K. Wilson-Short 250 335-8773

Work & Family, Education, Life Course, Social Psychology, Gender

Kmec, Julie Wilson-Short 217 335-8760

Gender & Race/Ethnic Labor Market Inequality, Work Organizations, Workplace Diversity, Social Stratification

Leupp, Katrina WSU Vancouver MMC 102X 360-546-9279

Work and Family, Gender, Health, Family Demography, Inequality, Quantitative Methods

Lievanos, Raoul Wilson-Short 251 335-2460

Environmental and urban sociology, race and ethnicity, organizations and institutions, social movements, spatial pattern analysis, historical-comparative sociology, qualitative methods.

MacLean, Alair WSU Vancouver MMC 202H (360) 546-9177

Aging, Life Course, Military, Social Stratification

McIntyre, Lisa
Wilson-Short 204D 335-5705

Law & Society, Work & Labor Markets, Qualitative Methods

Mosher, Clayton J. WSU Vancouver MMC 202B (360) 546-9439

Criminology & Delinquency, Deviant Behavior, Law & Society

Rotolo, Thomas Wilson-Short 252 335-4414

Quantitative Methods, Organizations, Voluntary Associations

Schwartz, Jennifer Wilson-Short 243 335-2657

Criminology, Stratification, Communities/Urban Sociology

Sherman, Jennifer Wilson-Short 215 335-4163

Poverty, Inequality, Rural Communities, Gender, Family, Culture

Wharton, Amy WSU Vancouver MMC 202A (360) 546-9617

Gender, Stratification, Work, and Organizations


Luebbers, Amy(Instructor)

Wilson-Short 216 335-4412
Cutler, Kristin (Teaching Fellow) Wilson-Short 207 335-2659

Crime/Deviance, Drugs and Drug Policy, Gender, Social Stratification


Affiliated Faculty

Goldberger, Jessica Johnson Hall 263 335-8540

Agriculture & Ag Science, Rural Sociology, Local and Global Agro-Food Systems, Land-Grant System



Emeritus Faculty

Kirschner, Annabel Wilson-Short 19 335-4519

Applied Demography, State and Local Population Trends, Migration, Social Organization of Communities, Rural Sociology

Burkett, Steve French Ad 325 335-6424

Deviant Behavior, Criminology & Delinquency, Alcohol & Drugs

Freese, Lee

Human Ecology, Theory, Social Psychology

Ihinger-Tallman, Marilyn   (360) 335-0000

Family, Sex and Gender, Socialization

Armand L. Mauss    

Sociology of Religion, Social Movements, Social Problems

Short, James F. Wilson-Short 240 335-4707

Criminology & Delinquency, Sociology of Risk

Tallman , Irving

Small Groups, Political Sociology, Social Psychology, Social Theory














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