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Akers, Sarah - Family Organization, Race, Stratification, Genocide/Ethnic Conflict
Allen, Eric  - 
Anaya, Mandy - Family, Work and Occupation, Gender, Statistical Methods
Astorino, Joseph Anthony  - Sociology of Science, Environmental Sociology, Sociology of Agriculture, Stratification, Pedagogy, and Service Learning
Bai, Yikang  -  Education, Stratification
Bean, Elyse  -  Environmental Sociology, Policy, and Environmental Justice
Beltz, Lindsey  -  Crime and Deviance, Political Sociology, Inequality, Quantitative Methods
Bittinger, Katherine - environmental sociology; criminology, and methods & statistics
Blake, Sarah Elizabeth  -  Sociology, Labor Markets, and Rural/Community
Cervantes, Marissa  - 
Clayson, Mandy  - 
Colby, Ashley -Environment, Food and Agriculture, Globalization, Inequality, Family, Gender, Qualitative Methodology, Survey Methodology, Comparative Historical, Sustainability, Social Movements
Collazo, Jose Luis -Immigration; Development; Labor Market Inequalities; Stratification; Latin American Studies
Crookston, Andrew  -  Political Sociology, Globalization, Human Rights, Sociology of Education, Agriculture, Demography
Dahlem, Jonathan - Environmental and Political Sociology; Environmental Justice, Labor, Social Movements, Deep Ecology, Ecological Feminism, Critical Animal Studies
Darras, Brice - Technology, Aging, Privacy, Research Methods 
Dzialo, Elizabeth - : Environmental Sociology, Political Economy, Civic Engagement
Greenberg, Pierce  - Environmental Sociology, Spatial Inequality, Sociology of Sports
Hammond, Jacobs  - 
Hao, Feng - Environmental Sociology, Quantitative Method
Hauslik, Darcy  -  Environmental Sociology, Political Sociology, and Methods & Statistics
Inlow, Alana - Criminology, Social Control, Deviance, Urban Sociology, Spatial Analysis and Geographic Information Systems
Kremer, Joseph  -  Criminology, Deviance, Technology, Environment
Lengefeld, Michael - Environmental Sociology, Political Sociology, Social Ecology
Li, Xiao  - 
Lindstedt, Nathan  - Social Movements, Environmental Sociology, and Quantitative Methodology
McCall, James - Mental Health and Subjective Well Being; Family; Life Course and Transitioning to Adulthood; Prevention Studies; Gender and Sexuality; and Digital Technology
McKee, Adam  -  Aging, Religion, Social Networks, Poverty, Gender, and Race
Mendiola, Jesse  - 
Miley, Sarah  -  Environmental Sociology, Risk, and Media Studies
Morton, Sarah - Race, class, and gender inequality, culture, and research methods
Reyes, Heather  -  Military, Crime, Stratification
Rinehart, Jordan - Inequality, Labor Markets, Quantitative Methods
Roth, Adam  - 

Schreiner, Jonathan  - Intersection of race, technology, and methodology, race and ethnic relations, racial and ethnic identity, genetic ancestry testing, society and technology, environmental sociology, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), multi-method research, sociology of sport.

Scott, Lauren  -  Environmental Sociology and Political Sociology
Teague, Shawn  - 
Tindell, Zach  -  Education, Inequality, Quantitative methodology
Ting, Yun-Chung
Torcasso Sanchez, Rebekah  - Environment, Political Economy, Power, Social Movements, Globalization, Sociology of Ag and Food Systems
Vega, Anthony Raymond  -  Human Sexuality, Gender, Deviance, and Social Inequality
Williams, Jarred  -  Criminology, Deviance, Political Sociology
Zhang, Hong  - Stratification and migration, especially Chinese internal migration

Graduate Students Not In-Residence

Adrian, Valerie  - Labor Markets, Family, Inequality, Gender, Media
Anderson, Annika  -  Culture, Social Stratification, Crime
Clemons, Katie  -  Criminology and Family
Colby, Ashley - Environmental Sociology, Sociology of Food, Sustainable Agriculture
Davaran, Ardavan  -  Criminology, Education, Race, Class, and Gender
Estevez, Mychel Lynn  -  Gender and Stratification
Harris, Elizabeth  -  Education, Families, Social Inequality
Ilhan, Ali O. -  Science and technology studies, sociology of knowledge, longitudinal data analysis, political sociology, design disciplines & professions, interdisciplinarity



Washington State University an attractive place to study sociology. Located in eastern Washington state, Pullman is a college town that allows a focus on graduate education and access to a dynamic faculty. Our faculty contributes to the discipline's core debates and to several fields of study, including crime and deviance, race & Dr. Gene Rosa & Studentethnicity, environmental sociology, social inequality, political sociology, gender, social institutions, the family, and social psychology. But the faculty interests span the discipline, from studies focusing on the international political economy to the hands on study of communities -- with wide array of specialties represented. On a methodological front, faculty employ a wide range of methods and provide support to students to develop skills along these lines. Our program's size and our setting allow students to become acquainted with and to collaborate with members of the faculty.
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