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Graduate Students

Elizabeth C. Harris


Areas of Interest

Education, Families, Social Inequality


B.A. Asian and Islamic History, University of California, Santa Cruz 1993
M.A. Sociology, California State University, East Bay 2007

Current and/or Anticipated Research

I am fascinated by the relationship between parenting and other social institutions.  In past work, I have looked at how the structure of special education services in California enables middle-class parents with cultural and financial capital to obtain a disproportionate share of special education services while children in special education from disadvantaged backgrounds are frequently underserved.  I am currently analyzing the relationship between gender ideology, conceptions of motherhood and women’s workplace expectations and experiences.  I am also conducting ethnographic research for my dissertation on how Mexican-origin fathers in the Yakima Valley define ideal fatherhood and on how labor market conditions, community discrimination and poverty affect the ability of fathers to enact their own cultural ideals of paternity.

Recent Publications & Presentations

Sherman, Jennifer and Elizabeth Harris.  2012. “Social Class and Parenting: Classic Debates and New Understandings.” Sociology Compass. 6(1):60-71.

2012 Pacific Sociological Association
Harris, Elizabeth. “The Effects of Children’s Labor Force Participation on Segmented Assimilation Pathways.”

2011 American Sociological Association
Harris, Elizabeth and Mychel Estevez. “Gender Ideology Versus Motherhood Ideology: How Do These Differentially Affect Women’s Expectations at Work?”

2011 Population Association of America
Fussell, Elizabeth and Elizabeth Harris. “Housing Loss and Recovery After Hurricane Katrina”

2011 Pacific Sociological Association
Harris, Elizabeth and Mychel Estevez. “Shifting Maternal Expectations of Employers.”

Estevez, Mychel and Elizabeth Harris. “Governance and Accountability among Women in their Workplaces.”

Elizabeth Harris

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Phone: (509) 335-4595 (msgs)

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