Department of Sociology


Christine Horne


J.D., Columbia Law School, 1989

Ph.D., University of Arizona, 1997


Areas of Research Interest:

Social Norms, Theory, Group Processes

Current Research Interests:

My research focuses on social norms. Although there is widespread interest in norms among sociologists, legal scholars, and others, we know relatively little about them - how they emerge, what makes them effective, and what their relation is to law. I am engaged in a theoretically driven research program that seeks to address these questions and that uses experimental methods to evaluate theoretical predictions. I am also working on collaborative projects that apply theoretical insights to understand naturally occurring norms. Current projects include explaining gender norms in Africa (with F. Nii-Amoo Dodoo, Naa Dodua Dodoo, and Adriana Biney), privacy norms (particularly in the context of the Smart Grid) (with Scott Frickel, Anurag Srivistava, Elyse Bean, and Brice Darras), and norms governing interracial relationships (with Justine Tinkler).



Selected Publications:

Horne, Christine, F. Nii-Amoo Dodoo, and Naa Dodua Dodoo. 2013. “The Shadow of Indebtedness: Bridewealth and Norms Constraining Female Reproductive Autonomy.” American Sociological Review 78(3):503-520.     Data.    Podcast.

Irwin, Kyle and Christine Horne. 2013. "A Normative Explanation of Antisocial Punishment." Social Science Research 42:562-570.

Goodliffe, Jay, Darren Hawkins, Christine Horne, and Dan Nielson. 2012. "Dependence Networks and the International Criminal Court." International Studies Quarterly 56:131-47.

Horne, Christine. 2009. The Rewards of Punishment. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press



Christine Horne
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