Department of Sociology


Christine Horne


J.D., Columbia Law School, 1989

Ph.D., University of Arizona, 1997


Areas of Research Interest:

Social Norms, Theory, Group Processes

Current Research Interests:

My research focuses on social norms. Although there is widespread interest in norms among sociologists, legal scholars, and others, we know relatively little about them - how they emerge, what makes them effective, and what their relation is to law. I am engaged in a theoretically driven research program that seeks to address these questions and that uses experimental methods to evaluate theoretical predictions. I am also working on collaborative projects that apply theoretical insights to explain naturally occurring norms. Some completed and ongoing projects include explaining variation in default rates across micro-credit borrowing groups (with Denise Anthony), and explaining nations' commitment to the International Criminal Court (with Jay Goodliffe, Darren Hawkins, and Dan Nielsen).

Selected Publications:

Horne, Christine, F. Nii-Amoo Dodoo, and Naa Dodua Dodoo. 2013. “The Shadow of Indebtedness: Bridewealth and Norms Constraining Female Reproductive Autonomy.” American Sociological Review 78(3):503-520.     Data.    Podcast.

Irwin, Kyle and Christine Horne. 2013. "A Normative Explanation of Antisocial Punishment." Social Science Research 42:562-570.

Goodliffe, Jay, Darren Hawkins, Christine Horne, and Dan Nielson. 2012. "Dependence Networks and the International Criminal Court." International Studies Quarterly 56:131-47.

Horne, Christine. 2009. The Rewards of Punishment. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press



Christine Horne
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