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Financial Assistance and Normal Progress:

The Department of Sociology attempts to provide financial support for as many graduate students as possible by awarding Teaching Assistantships and Research Assistantships to its most qualified students. Those students submitting all of the materials required for admission to the graduate program will automatically be considered for financial support. In accordance with the policies of the Graduate School, the continuance of financial support is dependent upon adequate performance as a teaching assistant or research assistant and normal progress toward the degree. In general, a student working toward an M.A. degree can expect two years of support. A student pursuing the Ph.D. degree can expect four years of support beyond a B.A. degree. A student with an M.A. degree from another institution pursuing the Ph.D. degree can expect three years of support. An additional year of support for students pursuing a Ph.D. degree may be granted in exceptional cases. However, these exceptions are granted on the basis of merit rather than need. Of course, the continuation of support is always contingent upon the availability of funds.


In their first year in the department, graduate students typically rely on the Director of Graduate Studies for advice in developing a program of study. However, by the end of the first semester, each student is required to assemble an individual Student Advisory Committee comprised of at least three faculty members (MA level) or four faculty members (Ph.D. level) who have agreed to serve in that capacity. This Student Advisory Committee will serve as the Thesis Committee and/or Dissertation Committee. However, students are free to change the composition of their Student Advisory Committee at any time. When students change their committee, we ask them to notify committee members of the change by completing a departmental committee change form.

Requirements for the M.A. Degree:

The most up to date course requirements for the M.A. degree can be found in the Graduate Student Handbook.

Requirements for the Ph.D. Degree:

The most up to date course requirements for the Ph.D. degree can be found in the Graduate Student Handbook.



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