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The Society Pages - Office Hours Podcast

American Exceptionalism with Gregory Hooks and Brian McQueen


Science Magazine - the Science Podcast

An interview with Eugene Rosa on how input from social scientists may help craft better solutions for sequestering the worlds nuclear waste.

  • 2010 “Nuclear Waste: Knowledge Waste?: A stalled nuclear waste program and possible increase in wastes beg social science input into acceptable solutions.” Science 329: 762-763.
    Rosa, Eugene A., Seth Tuler, Baruch Fischhoff, Thomas Webler, Sharon M. Friedman, Richard E. Sclove, Kristin Shrader-Frechette, Mary R. English, Roger E. Kasperson, Robert L. Goble, Thomas Leschine, William R. Freudenburg, Caron Chess, Charles Perrow, Kai Erickson, and James F. Short.  


National Public Radio (NPR) - Talk of the Nation

Do You Want To Live Near A Nuclear Power Plant?
Guests, including Eugene Rosa, professor of sociology and environmental policy at WSU, look at nuclear power: The policy, the plants and the public perception.


Solutions Journal - For a sustainable and desireable future

Managing the Risks of Climate Change and Terrorism
By Eugene A. Rosa, Thomas Dietz, Richard H. Moss, Scott Atran, Susanne Moser


USA Today - Health & Wellness

Parents spread out safety net for kids in tough economy
A discussion of studies being presented at the 2012 annual meeting of the Population Association of America in San Francisco, including one by Sociologist Monica Johnson of WSU.


WSUNews - Washington State University

Financial support for young adults can strengthen family ties

In this news article and video from WSUNews, Monica Kirkpatrick Johnson talks about the positive role of financial support from parents to their offspring well into their 20's and how providing ongoing financial support often strengthens parent-child bonds.









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