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Frank Fraser Potter Memorial Lecture

Geoffrey Sayre-McCord

Since 1985, Geoffrey Sayre-McCord has been a faculty member of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, philosophy department, where he is Morehead Alumni Distinguished Professor, department chair, and codirector of the philosophy, politics, and economics program.

He has published dozens of papers on moral theory, epistemology, modern philosophy, and other topics, as well as the edited volumes Essays on Moral Realism and Hume: Moral Philosophy. A complete list of Sayre-McCord's publications, with links to electronic versions of many of them, may be found on his homepage.

His recent research focuses on the nature of normative concepts, on evolution and morality, and on Adam Smith's theory of moral sentiments.

Among the many prestigious lectures Sayre-McCord has delivered are his recent presentations of the John Passmore Lecture at the Australian National University, the E. W. Hall Lecture at the University of Iowa, the keynote address of the Australasian Philosophical Association, and the keynote address to the Philosophy of Adam Smith conference at Oxford University. In 2010, he presented the mid-year commencement address at UNC Chapel Hill.

Outside of philosophy, he spends time appreciating good coffee and indulging a taste for old cars and motorcycles.


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