College of Arts and Sciences

School of Politics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs

GSA Officers

The Graduate Student Body is represented in the Graduate Student Association by the PPPA-GSA Executive Committee. The Ececutive Committee is composed of a President, Vice President, Secretarym Treasurerm Master's Student Representative, the First-Year Ph.D Student Representative, and the Graduate and Professional Student Association Sentaors from the School of Politics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs. Elections for most positions are held during the Spring semester; however, the First-Year Ph.D. Representative is elected duirng the first four weeks of the Fall Semester, along with any positions vacant over the Summer.

Currently these positions are filled as follows:


GSA President

GSA Vice President (appointed by the President)

GPSA Senators

First-Year Ph.D. Representative

  • Vacant

GSA Secretary 

GSA Treasurer 

GSA M.A. and Unmatriculated Representatives

  • Vacant

Students are encouraged to contact the GSA President or other representatives regarding issues or concerns. The GSA constitution and meeting minutes are available upon request from Additionally, these documents may be found on the CougSync Portal for the PPPA-GSA.














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