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Annual Review of Ph.D. Graduate Students

In compliance with Graduate School policies, at the end of each academic year (spring semester) the director of graduate studies will send out the Graduate Student Annual Evaluation Form (see Appendix B of the Graduate Handbook) to all Ph.D. graduate students to fill out and return to the graduate coordinator. This will be given to their program committee chairs to evaluate and comment upon, after which a meeting will be scheduled between the student and their program committee chair to discuss their annual review and progress in the program.

In addition, the graduate coordinator reviews all graduate student files each year for academic deficiencies. If any deficient students are identified, the program committee chair will be consulted on whether students should receive a letter of notification. If students do not have any academic deficiencies, they will receive a letter that states that they are making satisfactory progress in the program. The first deficient letter a student receives serves as an initial warning and has no impact on the evaluation of student performance, if the deficiency is resolved. More than anything else, this letter serves as a heads-up for student and faculty alike. A second warning letter is much more serious, in that it is a result of the student's failure to resolve the deficiency in her/his record. If the student still has not resolved the deficiency in a reasonable amount of time and after consultation with the chair of the committee and the director of the school, he or she may be dropped from the program. All letters will be sent to students and placed in their graduate files, along with their annual evaluations.

Your progress will be considered unsatisfactory if you fail to file a program statement in a timely manner, accumulate or fail to remove "incompletes" from your transcript, fail to complete your dissertation in a timely manner, fail preliminary examinations, fail to enroll or complete required course work, or receive a grade below B-. In addition, any graduate student who fails to maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.00 or higher for all course work subsequent to admission to the Graduate School will be dropped from the University.

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