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Graduate Studies Committee

The Graduate Studies Committee (GSC) is a committee of faculty responsible for oversight of the School of Politics, Philosophy, & Public Affairs' graduate program. The GSC also acts on student requests and petitions and proposes changes in the graduate program. Generally, proposals for policy changes in the graduate curriculum must be approved by a vote of the faculty. Anyone may submit an agenda item for GSC consideration. Please submit them in writing to the director of graduate studies. The committee formally consists of the director and five faculty representatives (including one from the Vancouver campus), one graduate student representative (non-voting), the director of the school (ex officio), and the academic coordinator (non-voting).

Director of Graduate Studies

The director of graduate studies interprets university and school rules and regulations; advises students until they have advanced to form a program committee; acts as a counsel and an advocate for graduate students when individuals come forward with issues; organizes the first-year student orientation; organizes the orientation for teaching assistants and graduate instructors; updates the graduate handbook each year; coordinates the admissions process; coordinates the allocation of teaching assistantships; facilitates the distribution of soft funding to graduate students; coordinates the assignment of T.A.'s to classes; coordinates faculty supervision of graduate students teaching independent sections; and evaluates, with committee chair approval, and informs students who are academically deficient.

Academic Coordinator

The academic coordinator is responsible for the administrative details of the graduate program, maintaining graduate files and providing students with information concerning the program, fields, forms, examinations on file, placement information, access to handbooks, and generating official letters to graduate students.


The director is assigned the administrative responsibility for the school and serves as the direct supervisor of PPPA faculty and staff. The director acts as the liaison between the school and other parts of the University, most particularly the dean.

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