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Financial Information

A Graduate Assistantship from the School of Music includes an estimated annual total of $44,539 out-of-state (first year out-of-state students) or $31,107 in-state (second year and in-state students) in graduate support for the academic year. All students holding a Graduate Assistant position must become legal residents of Washington State by the beginning of the second year of study.

  1. A salary of $ $1,987 a month or $17,883.00/academic year, paid over nine months
  2. Graduate student medical insurance for the academic year 2016/17 semester (valued at $1,456.00)
  3. A non-resident (first year of study) or resident tuition waiver (second year of study), currently valued at $12,600 per semester, or $25,200 per academic year for out-of-state tuition and $5884 per semester or $11,768 per academic year for in-state tuition.

Renewal is contingent upon satisfactory academic progress in the program, satisfactory work in TA duties, and availability of resources.  The comprehensive health insurance program offers spouse and dependent coverage at an additional cost.  Each student is responsible for paying Graduate School Activity fees and School of Music facility fees, which may total around $1200 for the academic year.


The Music Program often supports assistants whose duties are in the following areas: marching band, accompanying, class piano, jazz studies, instrument inventory, voice, stage/technical support, music theory, music history, electronic music lab and music library, class support and tutoring. Each assistant has a variety of assignments that support the program and relate as closely as possible to the assistants' goals.

For More Information

Dr. Shannon Scott, Coordinator of Graduate Studies
School of Music
Washington State University
PO Box 645300
Pullman, WA 99164-5300
Phone: (509) 335-5342
FAX: (509) 335-4245

Dr. Julie Wieck

Dr. Shannon Scott
Coordinator of Graduate Studies

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