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Be part of Cougar Summer Band Camp

The Cougar Summer Band Camp is open to all students with at least one year of band instruction. Campers will have the opportunity to focus on ensemble and individual playing techniques. There will be two large bands based on experience.

Electives will include conducting, leadership, music theory, history of rock and roll, and chamber music, among others. Auditioned students may participate in our Camp Jazz Band conducted by Dr. Greg Yasinitsky.

Our camp staff provided 24-hour supervision. Experienced counselors will stay in Wilmer-Davis Dormitory with the residential campers.


July 20-26, 2014

Residential campers will arrive and move into the residence hall on Sunday, July 20. All campers, both residential and commuting, will be provided dinner and an orientation to the camp on Sunday evening. Commuting students who are unable to attend the Sunday night dinner will join the boarding campers and receive the camp schedule on Monday morning, July 21. The closing concert is Saturday morning, July 26. The camp ends when the concert finishes.


Sunday, July 20 | 1:00-4:00 p.m.
Wilmer-Davis Hall, 725 E Thatuna Street, Pullman, WA
Kimbrough Music Building is across the street from your dorm

Audition Packets

Each student must audition for chair placement. Download the appropriate packet (pdf) for your instrument:

Alto Clarinet/Contra Bass Clarinet Packet
Alto Saxophone Packet
Baritone Saxophone Packet
Bass Clarinet Packet
Bassoon Packet

Clarinet Packet
Flute Packet
French Horn Packet
Oboe Packet
Percussion Packet

Tenor Saxophone Packet
Trombone/Euphonium BC Packet
Trumpet/Euphonium TC Packet
Tuba Packet

Camp Fees

Residential Camper Living in the dorm with all meals supplied$460
Day Camper Commute daily to camp, lunches provided$325

Meal Schedule

For residential campers, breakfasts and some dinners will be held at Southside Dining Center. Because the dining hall is a sizable walk, we will be eating lunches on the lawn outside of the music building (inside if the weather is rainy). Day campers will also be provided lunch (no additional charge). The lunches will be catered by local restaurants. Please inform the Camp ( if you have dietary restrictions (there will be a vegetarian option at each meal).
Students often get hungry before bed, as dinner is early in the evening. If you think you may want snacks, please bring them.

Activity Schedule

Download the tentative activity schedule | pdf

Dorm Details

Housing and Roommates: All boarding campers will be housed in Wilmer Davis Residence Hall (corner of Thatuna St. and Campus St.). If you have a roommate preference, be sure to fill in the roommate portion of the application. If you would like us to assign you a roommate, one will be selected from your own gender and age group. If you are comfortable with being in a single room please indicate this on the form (no extra cost).

Please bring sheets, pillows, pillowcases, and blanket. This dorm can be hot, so bring a fan or two. 
Counselors: Camp counselors will be available at all times to make the Band Camp experience safe and enjoyable. They will assist and supervise the students at all meals, activities, and during all time spent in the residence hall. The faculty will be responsible for supervision during class time.

What to Bring

We recommend that all possessions be clearly labeled with the student’s name. We cannot be responsible for valuable items such as iPods, cell phones, cameras, or jewelry. 

  • Music, metronome, pencil and music stand (for use in the dorm). Make sure your name is on them!

  • Reed making equipment. This is not required, but is highly recommended. We will have daily reed making sessions, and you will have the opportunity to learn to tie, scrape, and adjust your reeds.
  • Sweatshirt, raincoat

  • Swimsuit and towel

  • Shorts, jeans, shirts, socks, underwear. Ladies, please do not bring short shorts or skimpy tops.

  • Soap, shampoo, toothbrush, etc.

  • Alarm clock

  • Shower shoes, washcloths and towels

  • Shoes suitable for walking

  • Dress clothes for the concert (black/white not necessary—just nice clothes—no shorts, skimpy tops, tennis shoes or flip-flops)

  • Fan

  • Spending money (especially two dollars for swimming at Reaney Pool)

  • Books, board games, card games,videos or DVDs (G or PG)

Camp Rules

Any violation of these rules will result in disciplinary action or immediate dismissal from the program. The student and his/her parents will be responsible for reimbursing Washington State University for any damaged property. There will be no refund of tuition/fees if a student is dismissed from camp.

  1. Students will respect the rights, privileges and property of others. Students are not allowed to touch any other student’s instrument without permission. Any disagreements between students should be brought to the attention of a counselor or program director for a resolution.
  2. Students are required to attend all rehearsals, classes and to contribute to the learning atmosphere by full cooperation and participation. Counselors will take roll each day and immediately report any absences. Students are expected to follow the camp schedule and participate in all scheduled meals, social activities, orientations and special presentations.
  3. Students must be in their rooms for bed check by 10:00 PM, and my not leave the room except to go directly to the bathroom and directly back to the room.
  4. No male student will be allowed on the female students’ hall/floor and no female students will be allowed on the male students’ hall/floor. A male and female caught in the same dorm room will be dismissed from camp. The first floor lobby lounges and the recreation rooms on the lower level may be used by both male and female students.
  5. No behavior detrimental to the group or an individual, no willful damage to property, no possession or use of illegal drugs, marijuana, alcohol or tobacco is allowed.
  6. No driving of or use of a motor vehicle by a camper is allowed, except for arrival to and departure from camp. Resident students’ cars will be parked on a nearby street and not moved until the end of the program. Day campers who drive themselves each day may not use their cars during the day, and are responsible for finding their own parking places.
  7. Students must remain on WSU campus at all times unless accompanied by an instructor, counselor, parent or guardian.
    Reminder: Residential campers must return their room keys at check out. Those who fail to will be billed $50.

Contact information

Kelli Porter
Camp Director

Dr. Danh Pham
Director of Bands



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