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Ensemble Audition Requirements

The following content is applicable for ensemble auditions only. Audition information for specific instruments can be found under the appropriate Area Information links.

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Vocal Ensemble Auditions

Concert Choir, Madrigal Chamber Singers, Opera Workshop

Choral Ensemble Info »

Auditions for Fall 2016 will be held August 18, 19, 21, and 22.

You do not need to be a music major to audition!

For Concert Choir, Madrigal Chamber Singers, and Opera Workshop, auditions will be held August 18, 19, 21, and 22. To audition, select a 10-minute slot from the schedule posted on the bulletin board in the lobby of Kimbrough Hall. The audition will include a song of your choice (we suggest a simple tune, hymn, art song, or Star Spangled Banner), vocalizing to hear your range, sight reading example, and pitch memory exercises.

The directors of the ensembles will all be present so you will only need to do one basic audition for each of the ensembles.

Arrive early to your 10-minute audition to fill out the audition form. Please prioritize which ensembles you wish to audition for and which fit into your schedule.

The Audition will include:
  • Your song selection
  • Exercises to hear your vocal range
  • Short sight-reading example
  • Short melodic and rhythmic examples to sing back

Please prepare a song to sing. This can be a folk song, art song, music theatre selection or hymn. We will provide an accompanist if you bring a copy of the music. Some ensembles do require an additional call-back audition based on the needs of the group and the style of music.

If you have questions, please contact Dr. Lori Wiest.


Symphonic Wind Ensemble

Auditions for fall 2016 Wind Symphony positions will be conducted
Sunday, August 21st. For PDFs audition excerpts and more information:

Click Here »


Symphonic Band

Symphonic Band does not require an audition. Students interested in participating in a band, but not yet wishing to audition should attend the first rehearsal for Symphonic Band, which will occur on Monday, the first day of classes, in Kimbrough B48. Registration information will be provided at the first rehearsal.


Symphony Orchestra

Auditions for fall 2016 Symphony Orchestra positions will be conducted
Sunday, August 21st. For PDFs audition excerpts and more information:

Click Here »


Jazz Big Bands & Combos

Jazz ensemble auditions (big bands and combo and rhythm sections) for 2016 will be on Saturday and Sunday, August 20 and 21, for all instruments except drums. Drum auditions will be Monday, August 22.
There will be sign up sheets near Dr. Greg Yasinitsky's office door,
Kimbrough room 454 (top floor).
For audition guidelines, Click Here »

Contact Brian Ward if you have any questions.


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