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Since teachers are in demand, those students willing to compete must earn their degrees from an institution whose name alone may enable them to be considered. WSU and the School of Music offer this competitive edge.

WSU is the region’s premier institution for music education.  Along with our world-class faculty and excellent facilities, the music education course offerings and immersion into the teaching process is unmatched. We are dedicated to providing the best education that will enable you to be marketable and successful as a public school educator.

The music education team at WSU works with the College of Education and the Teaching and Learning area (T&L) to create a track of coursework that will engage and prepare you for your career.  T&L faculty members are active contributors to the development of their fields. Their research is not limited to labs and reports, but is brought directly into the classrooms with their instruction and student-teacher interaction.

Our music education degrees have been tailored to give our students the best theoretical and practical education one can achieve for both the Bachelor’s level and the Master’s level.

WSU offers the following Degrees in Music Education Degrees:

Bachelor of Music in Music Education - Broad Endorsement / Primary K - 12

For those students looking to be both marketable and versatile, this degree will prepare you to become the music educator in your school or district. This degree certifies one to teach band/orchestra/choir and general/primary music courses. Read More »


Bachelor of Music in Music Education - Choral Endorsement / Primary K - 12

Choral educators in the state prepare and conduct many types of ensembles and direct different types of productions while maintaining a proficient level in voice to perform and to be a sound pedagogue in teaching vocalists. The choral endorsement at WSU will prepare you to direct a variety of choral ensembles/productions and will give you many opportunities for performance. Read More »


Bachelor of Music in Music Education - Instrumental Endorsement / Primary K - 12

Directors of pep bands, symphonic bands, orchestras, and chamber ensembles must all have a solid preparation in musicianship and conducting. The WSU instrumental education faculty prepares you to teach all of the instruments and will prepare you to conduct any ensemble your administrator should ask you direct. Read More »


Bachelor of Music in Music Education - Without Certification

This degree is for those students who, early in their undergraduate degree in Music Education, decide to continue on in the graduate program at WSU, completing their Masters of Arts in Music - Music Education With Certification. For more information, see Master of Arts in Music – Music Education With Certification. Read More »


Master of Arts in Music – Music Education - With Certification

This degree is the continuation for those students who, early in their undergraduate degree in Music Education, decide to pursue the Bachelor of Music in Music Education without Certification and continue into the Master of Arts in Music Education With Certification.

Admission to graduate school and the School of Music graduate program following completion of this degree is determined by application on an individual basis.
Read More »

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