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WSU Performance Groups for Percussionists

  • Cougar Marching Band: A 27-piece drumline consisting of 8 snares, 5 quads, 6 bass drums, and 8 cymbals. A great way to improve your technical chops!
  • WSU Wind Symphony: The top ranked wind group on our campus.  This group performs the most recent works of the wind literature in addition to the classics.  This group is for the advanced percussionist exploring all areas of percussion.
  • WSU Symphonic Band: This 90-plus sized wind group is for music majors, music minors, and non-majors.  If you played in your high school band and would like to continue, this ensemble is for you.
  • WSU Orchestra: The University Orchestra is the best venue for the percussionist who excels in timpani and orchestral auxiliary.  Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky and many others are programmed each semester and is the perfect ensemble to develop the artistic finesse needed for orchestral percussion performance.
  • WSU Jazz Band I & WSU VoJazz: These award-winning groups have traveled all over the country.  They perform a wide range of instrumental and vocal jazz styles including contemporary, Latin, modal and classic swing.  Playing in groups like these is a drummer’s dream come true!
  • WSU Jazz Band II: This group swings just as hard as Jazz Band I!  It also performs a wide range of jazz styles.
  • WSU Jazz Combos: The combo program has too many groups to count.  The combos range in a wide variety of styles including funk, R & B, Latin, traditional swing and rock.  Once your combo has a set of tunes ready to play, you perform at the local club in Pullman (Rico's)!  This is the "real world" approach to playing in a group.  Every drummer should experience this.
  • WSU Percussion Ensemble: The group tests your skills on all the percussion instruments (mallets, drums, timpani, accessories, ethnic instruments).  Programs include works such as traditional literature (Varese, Cage, Harrison, Chavez, Cowell), world percussion (African, Asian, Brazilian), orchestral transcriptions, jazz and pop music.


If you have questions, please feel free to contact the Washington State University School of Music at (509) 335-3898.  Or e-mail David Jarvis at



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