Institute for the Study of

Intercommunal Conflict


The institute approaches intercommunal conflict with a broad definition. Intercommunal conflict ranges from chronic levels of conflict and violence within societies, such as crime or domestic abuse, conflict between groups and across societies, and inter-state conflict in the global state system. It occurs between individuals in socially sanctioned to tolerated violence, among ethnic, racial, national, and class-based identity groups. Intercommunal conflict can range in degrees of aggression and violence from genocide and ethnic cleansing to discrimination and systematic abuse of particular groups by governments and social actors.

Understanding, preventing, and responding to instances of intercommunal conflict requires analysis at many stages of the conflict cycle: interdisciplinary analysis of early warning signs of pending conflict; analysis of appropriate intervention strategies at each stage and conflict resolution techniques to address conflict that has occurred; and democratic reconstruction and reconciliation processes in war torn societies.

The Institute for the Study of Intercommunal Conflict is designed to promote interdisciplinary research on such conflict with a goal of developing policy-relevant knowledge about a wide variety of conflicts. Through this research the institute intends to develop a conflict prevention diagnostic at all levels of analysis and research that can be used to produce an early warning system for conflict prevention.



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