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Completed Theses & Dissertations in Public History


  • Laura Arata , M.A. '09, " Ember of the social city: business, consumption and material culture in Virginia City, Montana, 1863-1945" "
  • Amanda Van Lanen, Ph.D. '09, "We have grown fine fruit whether we would or not": The History of the Washington State Apple Industry, 1880-1930"


  • Amy E. Canfield, Ph.D. '08, "The "Annoying Question of Water": Trust-Fund Violations and Federal Mismanagement on the Fort Hall Indian Reservation, 1891-1916 "
  • Jacquelyn L. Dumin, M.A. '08, "All You Need is a Good Cookbook Jane:" The Creation of the Kitchen Culture in Early Cold War America "
  • Patrick J. King, M.A. '08, "Labor and Mechanization: The Hop Industry in Yakima Valley, 1866-1950"
  • Lynette Scriver , M.A. '08, "Lemhi Shoshone of Idaho Territory: Mormons, Gold, Treaties, and an Executive Order, 1855 to 1875"
  • Benjamin J. Smith , M.A. '08, "Public Participation and the Northwest Power Act of 1980"
  • Shirley A. Stephens, Ph.D. '08, "The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act: A Historical Perspective and Legislative History"


  • Cara Lynn Kaser , M.A. '07, "A Narrative and Survey Report of Historic Church Buildings in Latah County, Idaho "


  • Matthew J. Hansbury , M.A. '06, "The Three Trials of the Nisqually Chief Leschi, Governor Isaac I. Stevens, and the Medicine Creek Treaty of 1855 "


  • Summer T. Hahn , M.A. '05, "A Professors Neighborhood: College Hill, Pullman, Washington 1893-present "
  • William R. Johnson, Jr., Ph.D. '05, "Amerada Hess O Alaska: Alaska Litigates for Royalties: 1977-1992"


  • Janet Creighton, Ph.D. '04, "Cultural Resources in Conflict: Historic Preservation and Private Property at Northwest Landing, Dupont, Washington"
  • Salina Davis-Pavlovick, M.A. '04, "Camp Rimini, Montana, 1939–1944, A History"
  • Amy Harrington, M.A. '04, "The Pocatello Land Rush of 1902 and the Fort Hall Indian Reservation: A Study of Allotment, Surplus Lands, and Trust-Fund Violations, 1867–1907"
  • Amanda Van Lanen, M.A. '04, "It Was a Time When the Promoter Promoted; Irrigation in Wenatchee, Washington, 1890–1908"


  • Ben Baughman, M.A. '03, "William Craig in Nez Perce Country: Mountain Man, Interpreter, and Indian Agent, 1807–1869"
  • Steven Biljan, M.A. '03, "The 23rd Infantry of the 2nd Division and the Korean War: A Regimental History, 1861–1953"
  • Bryce Spencer, M.A. '03, "Canyonlands National Park: A Cultural Resource Assessment"


  • Jon Middaugh, M.A. '02, "Limiting Mobility: Migrant Farm Workers in the Yakima Valley, Washington 1965–1975"


  • Cary Collins, Ph.D. '01, "Between Savagery and Civilization: The Memoir of Edwin I. Chalcnaft, U.S. Indian Agent"
  • Matthew Godfrey, Ph.D. '01, "Breaking a Monopoly: Progressive Reform, The Federal Government, and the Utah-Idaho Sugar Company, 1907–1921"
  • Suzanne Julin, Ph.D. '01, "Creating a Regional Identity: Politics, Policy and Tourism Development in the Black Hills Through 1941"
  • John Mann, Ph.D. '01, "Returning to the River of No Return: The Lemhi Shoshone and the Salmon River Country, Idaho"
  • Elizabeth van Till Warren, Ph.D. '01, "The History of Las Vegas Springs, A Disappeared Resource"


  • Jeanne Marie Oyawin Eder, Ph.D. '00, "An Administrative Treaty History of Indians of Yellowstone National Park, 1825–1925"
  • Mari Hillestad, M.A. '00, "'All Shook Up': Riot, Readiness, and Reorganization in the Montana National Guard, 1955–1965"
  • Jeffrey Johnson, M.A. '00, "Border Patrols, Buffalo Soldiers, and Boredom: Fort Assinniboine Montana 1879–1911"
  • Susan Paras, M.A. '00, "Crises of Identity: State Police Force or Federal Force? The Montana National Guard, 1900–1914"
  • Michelle Tabit, M.A. '00, "The Montana National Guard's 163rd Infantry in the Southwest Pacific Theater During World War II"


  • Charles Mutschler, Ph.D. '99, "Wired for Success: A History of the Butte Anaconda and Pacific Railway"


  • Steven Charry, Ph.D. '97, "The Environment and the Law: W. Lon Johnson, Attorney, Politician, and Judge in the Pacific Northwest 1912–1958"
  • John Mann, M.A. '97, "Returning to the River of No Return: The Lemhi Indian People and the Salmon River Country, Idaho"
  • Debra Sutphen, Ph.D. '97, "Conservative Warrior: Oveta Culp Hobby and the Administration of American's Heath, Education, and Welfare, 1953–1955"
  • Cheyenne Tuller, M.A. '97, "The Politics and Perfidy of Federal Recognition"
  • Krista Undeberg, M.A. '97, "The Diary of Helen Campbell: Life During Spokane's Age of Elegance 1913–1917"


  • Neil Barker, M.A. '96, "The Works Progress Administration in Portland, OR: An Historical Narrative and Survey Report 1935–1942"
  • Goeffrey Bleakley, Ph.D. '96, "A Policy History of Alaska Oil Lands Aministration, 1953–1974"
  • Brian Hahn, M.A. '96, "Nez Perce Sovereignty Under Siege: William G. Langford's Claim Against the Nez Perce Indian Reservation 1866–1895"
  • Marcia Babcock Montgomery, M.A. '96, "The Struggle to Retain Tribal Identity: The Lemhi Indian People of Idaho, 1907–1929"
  • Shirley Stephens, M.A. '96, "The Lemhi Indian People of Idaho: Removal from the Salmon River Country to Fort Hall, 1880–1907"
  • Laura Woodworth-Ney, Ph.D. '96, "Tribal Sovereignty Betrayed: The Conquest of the Coeur D'Alene Indian Reservation 1840–1905"


  • Mee-Ae Kim, M.A. '95, "'It Is Time to Put up the Bars': Albert Johnson and the Immigration Act of 1924"
  • Liza Rognas, M.A. '95, "Brown v. Board of Education: A History of Federal Court Cases Comprising the Landmark School Desegregation Decision"
  • Andrea Sabo, M.A. '95, "The Orchesis Tradition at Washington State University: Furthering the Movement of Dance in Education"


  • Timothy Bell, M.A. '94, "The History of Wine Making in Washington State"
  • Theresa Lindsay Pihl, M.A. '94, "Days of Austerity, Hope and Change: The Northwest Mining Association 1936–1940"
  • Everett Roscoe, M.A. '94, "The Wine Bill of 1969: An Unlikely Catalyst for the Washington Wine Industry"


  • Daniel Carey, M.A. '93, "The Washington State National Guard, 1901-1917"
  • Robert Hadlow, Ph.D. '93, "Conde B. McCullough, 1887–1946: Master Bridge Builder of the Pacific Northwest"
  • Susan Vetter, M.A. '93, "Spokane's 'New' Mining Man in the Progressive Era, 1911–1923"


  • Jerry Scott, M.A. '92, "A History of the Formation of the Colville Indian Reservation"


  • Douglas Blake, M.A. '91, "The Idaho National Guard 1903–1919"

Public History at WSU

The public history program at Washington State University was established in 1979 and offers both an M.A. and Ph.D. WSU's mission is to train graduate students to work on historical projects with a broad range of audiences and institutions, as well as prepare them for positions in museums, archives, and historic preservation.


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