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Photo: Greg AtkinsGreg Atkins

Graduate Studies Committee Representative

I am a third-year PhD student studying with Dr. Matthew Sutton. My research focuses on how Colorado Springs carved out a national reputation over the last 150 years. Initially touted as a refined resort in the West, boosters of Colorado Springs later emphasized health, tourism, the defense industry, and evangelical Christianity to promote the city. Throughout these iterations, boosters and religious leaders worked closely. As these campaigns built upon and constrained each other, they also fed and set important precedents for what became the “Sunbelt.” It was a pleasure to be elected the Graduate Studies Representative, and I look forward to serving as a bridge between graduate students and the faculty to further strengthen the department overall. In another life before the all-consuming responsibilities of graduate school, I hiked, biked, and remodeled cars and houses. Given the right amount of peer pressure and favorable social conditions, my friends and colleagues can still lure me back into these pastimes.


Mickey DennisMickey Dennis

M.A. Student Representative

I am a second year public history Master's student studying with Dr. Orlan Svingen. My research is focused on Mennonite Conscientious Objectors during World War I in Kansas and how their ethno - religious differences affected their treatment at the hands of other Kansans, the military, and the government. I'm looking forward to being the M.A. Student Representative and helping other Master's students with their potential questions or concerns. I grew up in Carbondale, Illinois, before moving to St. Louis to attend Webster University where I graduated with a B.A. in History in 2013. Soccer is my favorite hobby. I have developed a love for the game after playing for 16 years including 4 in college. I support/watch Arsenal when I can find the time (although it's often not relaxing!)


Joni FordJoni Ford

Colloquium Representative

Joni Ford is a first year Masters student. She received her BA in Social Science: History from Lewis-Clarks State College in 2013. She focuses on US History, primarily 20th century, with an emphasis in women and gender.



Photo: Hans-Petter GravHans-Petter Grav

Vancouver Representative

I am a second-year Ph.D. student focusing on U.S. race and ethnicity. I grew up in Norway, but earned my academic degrees in the United States. I did my M.A. at Montana State University, Bozeman, where I received the history department's Best Paper by an M.A. student award, in 2010, for a paper entitled "The First and the Sixth Pearl Harbor: Norwegian-American Identity at the Onset of World War II." In Pullman, I offered a poster presentation on "Bleached Dresses Only: The Absent Ethnic Dimension in the Vineland Irrigation Project" at the 2012 Academic Showcase. I also served as a student curator on this topic for MASC's exhibit "Vineland: Shaping Paradise – Lewiston–Clarkston Improvement Company Records, 1890–1920," which opened in April 2012. I recently published the paper "When the Beast Saved the Day and Yellow Jack Got Lost: The Story of General Butler and the Yellow Fever Epidemic That Never Took Place" in the spring 2012 issue of the Southern Historian. I am currently a GTA for the RCI program at the Vancouver campus, and I serve as the Vancouver HGSA representative.


Fred HardywayFred Hardyway

Student Faculty Representative

Fred hails from the wonderfully diverse and scenic state of Kansas! He graduated with a Bachelor in history and Master from Friends University in Kansas. Currently a first year Doctoral student, Fred’s interests lay in the general field of World history, with a primary field focus on West Africa and a secondary field focus in Atlantic world. His current research is engrossed on the history of African archery technology throughout the continent, but in particular the dispersion of that technology to other peoples outside Africa.


Sarah SchraederSarah Schraeder

HGSA Secretary
GPSA Representative

Sarah is a second-year M.A. student working with Dr. Raymond Sun. Her research fields include Modern Germany, Modern Europe, memory and world history. She received her B.A. in history with a minor in political science from California State University Stanislaus in Turlock, California in 2012. Her current research focuses on the memorialization of a set of smaller concentration camps developed under the Nazi regime beginning in 1933 called the Emslandlager (camps in the Emsland region located in north-western Germany). She is specifically interested in the process of memorialization in this region and how it compares to larger memorialization projects in Germany before and after unification.


Allison SellersAllison Sellers

PhD HGSA Representative

Allison is a second-year doctoral student working with Dr. Candice Goucher. Her research concerns emergent religions among people of color in the 20th-century Atlantic world. Specifically, she explores the articulation of black supremacist ideologies within a number of new religious movements in the interwar period. She contends that such movements reveal the concurrent discourses and unique historical circumstances that informed the ideological choices of Afro-Atlantic peoples. By examining their development, she hopes to illuminate the diverse strategies employed by people of color as they conceived of their place in the world, negotiated their status, and challenged racial hierarchies. In addition to completing her coursework at WSU and pursuing her research goals, she is a teaching assistant for RCI and president of the Gamma Psi chapter of Phi Alpha Theta.


Brian StackBrian Stack

GPSA Representative

Brian Stack is a first year Masters student. He received BAs in History and Philosophy and a minor in Latin from the University of Rhode Island in 2012. He focuses on 20th Century United States history with an emphasis in the history of sexuality.


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