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Past History Graduate Students


Ai Wang, PhD 2014
Advisor — David Pietz
Dissertation Title — City of the River: The Hai River and the Construction of Tianjin, 1897-1948

Laura Arata, PhD 2014
Advisor — Robert Bauman
Dissertation Title — Race and the Wild West: Sarah Bickford and the Construction of Historical Memory in Virginia City, Montana, 1870 - 1930

Katherine Joyce Patterson, M.A.  2014
Advisor — Raymond Sun
Dissertation Title — Inferiority, Sexuality, and Motherhood: Methods and Representations of Female Holocaust Rescuers

April Mae Grube, M.A.  2014
Advisor — Peter Boag
Dissertation Title — From Honeymoon to Massacre: Memory and Remembrance of Marcus Whitman, 1847-1962

Daniel Joseph Vickoren, M.A.  2014
Advisor — Matthew A Sutton
Dissertation Title — Seeing Red From the Pulpit: Shifting Perceptions of Mormons and Pentecostals in American Society During the First Red Scare

Terisa Rond, PhD  2014
Advisor — Susan Peabody
Dissertation Title — Altogether Useless: Women, Crime and the Creation of Unfree Labor for the British Atlantic Colonies 1660-1783

Robert Franklin, M.A. 2014
Advisor — Robert McCoy
Thesis Title — "Matanuska? Mister, She's Tough": New Deal Agricultural Settlement in Alaska, 1933-1940

Philip Travis, PhD  2014
Advisor — Matt Sutton
Dissertation Title — Outlaw States: The United States, Nicaragua and the Cold War Roots of the War on Terrorism

Torsten Homberger, PhD 2014
Advisor — Raymond Sun
Dissertation Title — Fashioning German Fascism: Constructing the Image of Hitler’s Storm Troopers, 1924-1933

Lee Ann Powell, PhD 2013 (November)
Advisor — Jeffrey Sanders
Dissertation Title — Culture, Cold War, Conservatism, and the End of Atomic Age: Richland, Washington  1943-1989

Beth Erdy, PhD December 2013
Advisor — Robert McCoy
Thesis Title — Wildly Contentious: The Battle for North Central Idaho's Roads, Rivers, and Wilderness

Shawna Herzog, PhD August 2013
Advisor — Heather Streets
Thesis Title — Convenient Compromise: A History of Slavery in the British East Indies, 1795-1841


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