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Faculty Mentors

Mentors are an additional source of perspective and advice concerning important academic, career, and personal issues. Develop a relationship with your mentor by meeting with them regularly during the year.

Each history student is assigned a mentor based on their last name. Students are also encouraged to contact other faculty mentors whose area of specialty matches their interests. It is possible to have more than one mentor!

Faculty Member Student's Last Name Interest
Boag A - Ba Pacific Northwest, modern America, environmental, sexuality
Anderson Be - Bz Japanese History
Kale C-D 19th-century and postwar Europe, modern France
Kawamura E - F U.S. foreign relations, U.S.–East Asian relations
McCoy G Public history and historic preservation
Sanders I - K Environmental, Pacific Northwest, U.S. West
Spohnholz L Early modern European social, cultural, and religious
Streets M Modern British, imperialism, colonialism, women
Sun N - P Religion, German, Holocaust, genocide studies, military
Sutton Q - R 20th-century U.S., cultural, religion
Svingen S - Sk Public, United States, American Indian history
Thigpen Sm - Sz 19th-century U.S., women and gender, colonialism, U.S. West
Tishken T - Z African, world, world religions, the Islamic world













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