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Helping you to define your choices in general studies—and in your future.

"Humanities" are fields primarily about culture. You have studied some of these—things like literature, the arts, languages, and philosophy.

"Social sciences" deal with particular aspects of human society involving interactions of individuals as members of society—fields such as history, psychology, political science, and sociology.

Degree Components

Each of the degrees offered in general studies requires:

  • 120 total semester credits with 40 at the upper division (300/400).
  • A 2.00 cumulative grade point average at certification of major and graduation.
  • Completion of the General Education Requirements and the additional requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences (including foreign language).
  • Selection of two, three, or more areas or fields of concentration—either closely related or seemingly unrelated but of interest to you within your academic, professional, and personal goals.
  • A significant portion of your area/concentration courses at the upper division.
  • An eagerness to work with your advisor in examining and identifying those fields of study most closely matching your interests.

Click on any of the programs listed at right for details. As you will see, these degrees provide flexibility. It is easy to plan for inclusion of a variety of fields; it is also easy to change to more concentrated study in a major. For example, a primary concentration consists of 24 semester credits; majors in psychology, history, and English require 30, 36, and 39 credits respectively.

Transfer Students

Because the general studies degrees offer maximum flexibility, transfer students often find that degrees can be more quickly completed in our program.

The advising staff is experienced in working with transfer students, both those who have completed "transferable" associate's degrees and those who bring a record of previous course work without an A.A. or with an associate's degree that is not included by WSU in its "direct transfer" list.


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