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Careers for General Studies Students

  • General studies students pursue a wide variety of careers and, because of the breadth of their studies, are better prepared to change careers or to advance in a field when advancement requires combining skills.
  • Beginning in 1910, Washington State University sought to provide a balance of degree programs, some featuring specialization, others breadth of understanding. The general studies tradition has produced outstanding alumni, including a recent president of WSU's Board of Regents. Over 1,100 students major in general studies.
  • Advising in general studies allows students with multiple interests to assemble them into degrees. Also, students still seeking a focus may try several areas before deciding on the multi-area approach or shifting into a major or combination of majors and minors.
  • Alumni have succeeded in law, business, museum work, teaching, social work, art and architectural design, mass media, authoring and editing for publication, politics and government, international services, sports management, church positions, and others.
  • Students who desire to pursue graduate work should consider inclusion of a senior project involving research and writing. Students wishing to move directly into the workforce upon graduation should consider inclusion of an internship and/or service learning component in their degrees.

Critical thinking, diverse choices, and multiple perspectives are essential elements of your college education.

Suggested Strengths & Preparation

  • Motivation to engage with your advisor and with faculty in selecting studies that fit your personal and vocational goals.
  • Ability to communicate effectively in speaking and writing.
  • High school and possible transfer studies that enhance problem solving, teamwork, and self-starting.


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