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Notes from the Editor

Augusta Rohrbach

The Year in Conferences

ESQ would like to welcome Marlowe Daly-Galeano as our inaugural Year in Conferences (YiC) Director. Now in its fourth year, the YiC is designed to enhance the circulation of ideas between and among scholars by covering ALA, ASA, C19, MLA, and SSAWW--the major conferences in the field. These reports from the field are written by graduate students from across the country in a collaborative group-authored article published annually in the first issue of the journal.

This project sets a new standard for collaborative writing and scholarly exchange while also addressing several significant gaps in professionalizing students the field. YiC has been recognized by scholars not just for its utility but also as a mentoring tool. From the initial recruiting stages to panel selection and publication of the final piece, YiC creates a supportive, collaborative environment that encourages participants to do their best work.

The sponsoring organizations waive their registration fees for YiC writers and over 15 universities have funded their graduate students to attend these major conferences in American Literature as YiC writers. Interested in joining? Please contact Marlowe Daly-Galeano, YiC Director, for details. (

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