College of Arts and Sciences

Department of English

ESQ: A Journal of the American Renaissance

ESQ 54: 1–4 (2008) Special Issue: Poetry

edited by Augusta Rohrbach


Augusta Rohrbach
Introduction | "A Blast That Whirls the Dust": Nineteenth-Century American Poetry and Critical Discontents
Michael Cohen
Peddlers, Poems, and Local Culture: The Case of Jonathan Plummer, a "Balladmonger" in Nineteenth-Century New England
Max Cavitch
Stephen Crane's Refrain
Rebecka Rutledge Fisher
Remnants of Memory: Testimony and Being in Frances E. W. Harper's Sketches of Southern Life
Kirsten Silva Gruesz
Maria Gowen Brooks, In and Out of the Poe Circle
Bethany Schneider
Not for Citation: Jane Johnston Schoolcraft's Synchronic Strategies
Eliza Richards
Correspondent Lines: g Poetry, Journalism, and the U. S. Civil War
Jessica Forbes Roberts
A Poetic E Pluribus Unum: Conventions, Imperatives, and the Poetic Call-to-Arms in Frank Moore's Rebellion Record
Ivy G. Wilson
Organic Compacts, Form, and the Cultural Logic of Cohesion; or, Whitman Re-Bound
Mary Loeffelholz
Anthology Form and the Field of Nineteenth-Century American Poetry: The Civil War Sequences of Lowell, Longfellow, and Whittier
Virginia Jackson
"The Story of Boon": or, The Poetess
Martha Nell Smith
Afterword: The Literary World Has Always Been Read/Write
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