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Neta Hoff
Graduate Student - PhD Literature

Neta Hoff


Neta Hoff received her MA in English Literature from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (2002), where she worked first as a graduate assistant and then as an adjunct instructor until moving to Pullman in 2007 to pursue her PhD. Her literary interests range far and wide, from antiquity to the present, but, no matter what her primary research, she constantly finds herself returning to Greek and Roman antiquity. Her MA thesis, "The Nightingale Sings Anew: The Appropriation of Antiquity in Virginia Woolf's The Waves," examines how Woolf's own lifelong fascination with the classics found expression in the structural and thematic experimentation of her novels, especially The Waves. Neta's dissertation will investigate how modernist authors like Woolf and James Joyce reinterpret classical texts and themes to speak to issues of early 20th century nationalism.

Having instructed a variety of both literature and composition courses, Neta's teaching experience is no less diverse. Past WSU courses include Freshman Composition, Reading Now, and Introduction to Literature. This fall, Neta also has the pleasure of teaching Humanities 101: Humanities in the Ancient World.




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