College of Arts and Sciences

Department of English

ESQ: A Journal of the American Renaissance

ESQ 51:1–3 (2005) Special Issue:

Melville in The Marquesas: Actuality of Place in Typee and Other Island Writings

edited by G. R. Thompson

G. R. Thompson
Introduction | Being There: Melville and the Romance of Real Life Adventure
Robert C. Suggs
Melville's Flight to Taipi: Topographic, Archeological, and Historical Considerations
Ruth M. Blair
Enchanted Isles: A Response to Robert C. Suggs on Typee
T. Walter Herbert
Facts, Fictions, and Wisdom in Melville's Typee
Vanessa Smith
Crossing the Beach at Taipivai: The Psychogeography of Islands
Alex Calder
Mapping Typee: Space and the Genres of Truth
Lee Quinby
True Places: The Mapped and the Unmappable in Typee
Geoffrey Sanborn
Purple Haze: Making Sense of Uncertainty (and Uncertainty of Sense) in Typee
John Bryant
Taipi, Tipii, Typee: Place, Memory, and Text A Response to Robert C. Suggs
Samuel Otter
Typee: "An Almost Incredible Book"
Robert C. Suggs
Accuracy, Actuality, and Interpretation: The Question of Typee A Rejoinder to Critics
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