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Department of English

ESQ: A Journal of the American Renaissance

ESQ 57: 1–2 (2011) Special Issue:

Exaltadas: A Female Genealogy of Transcendentalism

Edited by Phyllis Cole & Jana Argersinger


Phyllis Cole & Jana Argersinger
Introduction | Exaltadas: A Female Genealogy of Transcendentalism
Noelle A. Baker
"Let me do nothing smale": Mary Moody Emerson and Women's "Talking" Manuscripts

Dorri Beam
Transcendental Erotics, Same-Sex Desire, and Ethel's Love-Life
Kathleen Lawrence
Soul Sisters and the Sister Arts: Margaret Fuller, Caroline Sturgis, and Their Private World of Love and Art
Laura Dassow Walls
The Cosmopolitical Project of Louisa May Alcott
Katherine Adams
Black Exaltadas: Race, Reform, and Spectacular Womanhood after Fuller
Matt Boehm, Matthew Duques, Nicolette Hylan, Amber LaPiana, Lori Leavell, Nicholas E. Miller, Joelle Moen, Tyler Roeger, Sarah Salter, Joshua Tendler, James Trout
The Year in Conferences
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