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ESQ: A Journal of the American Renaissance

Ralph Bauer

"Against the European Grain: The Emerson-Nietzsche Connection in Europe, 1920-1990"

This overview of the European reception history of Emerson's influence on Nietzsche focuses in particular on the scholarship of Charles Andler, Eduard Baumgarten, and Stanley Hubbard, placing their works in the context of their respective intellectual traditions as well as a historico-political and ideological climate that has perpetually occluded such a trans-Atlantic connection. By working "against the grain" of such biases, the work of these scholars exposes the myths perpetuated by the nationalistic cults surrounding both Emerson and Nietzsche and supports the claim, made more recently by some of their American colleagues, that a reading of Emerson in tandem with Nietzsche provides for a different understanding of both.

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