College of Arts and Sciences

Department of English

Graduate Seminars, Fall 2014


Fall 2014

ENGL 501

Methodology of Composition


ENGL 507      

Shakespeare and Early Modern Knowing

W. Hamlin

ENGL 509

Seminar in Classical Rhetoric:
Rhetoric Under Empire  

M. Edwards

ENGL 511

Seminar in Early American Literature & Environment: The Nature of Early American Literature 

K. McAuley

ENGL 443/543 Phonology L. Gordon

ENGL 548

Critical and Cultural Theory: Contemporary Representations of Gender & Sexuality

C. Siegel
ENGL 573 Seminar in American Literature C. Arigo

ENGL 595

Introduction to Folklore Studies

A. Oforlea 

ENGL 597

Topics in Composition and Rhetoric: Studies in Technology & Culture

K. Arola







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