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Good News February 5, 2013

Bill Condon's article, "Large-Scale Assessment, Locally Developed Measures, and Automated Scoring of Essays: Fishing for Red Herrings?" appears in the current issue (18:1) of Assessing Writing: An International Journal. The article evaluates a study in which AES-rated writing samples were used to—and failed to—predict students' performance in first-year writing courses, and it adds a critique of the kinds of test AES can address—short, oversimplified writing tasks that do not reflect writing in school or the workplace.

Michael Delahoyde will be interviewed by The Shakespeare Underground for a podcast concerning the creative evolution of Elizabethan court poet Edward de Vere into the poet/playwright "Shakespeare."

Patty Cady will deliver a presentation entitled, "Gather and Connect: Crisis of Message and Meaning Between the LDS Church and Mobile Networked Devices," at the April 2013 PNASA conference in Seattle.

Linda Russo will be attending the Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment's annual conference in Lawrence, Kansas later this year, contributing to a critical-creative panel on "Feminine Geographies" in poetry.

Donna Campbell's article on Wharton and the digital humanities, "The Next 150 Years: Wharton Goes Digital," appeared in the Fall 2012 issue of The Edith Wharton Review. It is based on her keynote address for the Edith Wharton at 150 conference held in Florence, Italy, in June 2012.

Dene Grigar (CMDC, Vancouver) has been invited to give her paper, entitled "hooks in the 21st Century: Feminist Pedagogy in Action," at the 2013 Digital Humanities conference to be held in Lincoln, Nebraska. She is participating on the panel, "Excavating Feminisms: Digital Humanities and Feminist Scholarship" along with Katherine Harris, Kathi Inman Berens, and Jacqueline Wernimont.

Grigar also received $2500 donation from a local Vancouver supporter that will allow her to take five undergraduates from the CMDC Program with her to assist as docents with the electronic literature showcase at the Library of Congress that she is guest curating in April.

Susan Dente Ross has been invited to act as keynote speaker for the "Peace Journalism in Our Time" conference in Istanbul, Turkey, in April 2013. The conference marks historic engagement of official Turkish peace talks with the PKK in prison and serves to engage Turkish and regional media in problematizing their participation in war-mongering and othering.

Heather Springer won one of ten "Emerging Pedagogies" grants from Pearson to attend the CCCCs in Las Vegas in March. Grant funds will be used to create an online public web space for graduate students to explore and share critical pedagogy practices in the teaching of basic writing. Initially made up of summaries and interviews from CCCCs symposium, "Basic Writing and Race", Springer hopes that the online space might later become a way for these new professionals to shadow classes at WSU, find basic writing mentors as they begin their careers, and contribute to a body of critical practice in the basic writing classroom.

Peter Chilson gave a lecture called "Al Qaeda Country: Why Mali is Important" at George Washington University's Institute for Global and International Studies January 29. On January 30 Chilson gave a talk on Mali at the State Department's Foreign Service Institute and appeared on the BBC's World News America to comment on France's recent military successes in northern Mali.

Debbie Lee's creative nonfiction essay "Collage" appears in this month's edition of The Drum Literary Magazine.

Lee presented "Reflections on Wilderness" with her University of Idaho collaborator Dennis Baird at the annual meeting of the Selway-Bitterroot Frank Church Wilderness Foundation in Lewiston, Idaho on February 2, 2013. She and Baird will also present at the foundation's Missoula, Montana chapter on February 23, 2013.

Augusta Rohrbach responded to papers in "Beyond Nature" at MLA-Boston. She participated in the Digital Curation workshop at the Digital Humanities Winter Institute at the University of Maryland, Jan 7-11 . She also took part in the Reacting to the Past regional conference at Duke University where she played Walt Whitman in the Frederick Douglass game.

Augusta Rohrbach will be co-chairing a session sponsored by the Executive Committee on 19th Century American Literature called "The Graphic Nineteenth Century" with Hillary Chute for MLA 2014.

Visiting Writer Series/Creative Writing Events

March 27, 2013

Reading by David Gates
5 p.m. Kimbrough
Music Hall 101

Colloquium Series
March 1 (Friday):

Pavithra Narayanan, "The Power/Politics of Liberation and Representation in India"

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