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Elizabeth Edwards
Graduate Student - PhD Rhetoric and Composition

Elizabeth Edwards


Elizabeth first began her academic career as a Highlander at the University of California, Riverside.  Odd choice considering the temperatures in Riverside were desert-like, but the academics were cool.  She majored in English, but an affinity for economic principles such as marginal utility, productivity, and efficiency resulted in the pursuit of a business minor.  It broke up the monotony of all that reading and sent her chasing a wild mustang up the central coast to California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.  Elizabeth hungered for a master's degree in public policy and decided a specialty in agribusiness would set her right in the world. However, a recession hit and no one needed her.  It was fine.  She honed her writing skills on public policy and tried to make a few bucks working as a writing tutor and study group leader.  Through this temporary occupation, Elizabeth rediscovered writing as the love of her life.  So she enrolled at California State University, Long Beach to be a 49er and mine for a second master's degree in rhetoric and composition.  With finality she left Southern California to pursue her doctoral degree and to become the fiercest of all—the Cougar.

Research and Teaching Interests
Composition, Literacy, Political & Environmental Rhetoric, Public Policy & Administration, Writing across the curriculum, Writing Assessment, Multimodality

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