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Bill Condon

Bill Condon


Bill Condon has been engaged with writing assessment as a Writing Program Administrator at a wide variety of institutions-the University of Oklahoma, Arkansas Tech University, the University of Michigan, and Washington State University.


Co-author of Writing the Information Superhighway (with Wayne Butler) and Assessing the Portfolio: Principles for Theory, Practice, and Research (with Liz Hamp-Lyons), Bill has also published articles in the areas of writing assessment ("Teaching and Assessing Writing: Common Ground." Composition Studies/Freshman English News 26 (Fall 1998): 83-96.), program evaluation ("Accommodating Complexity: WAC Program Evaluation in the Age of Accountability," in WAC for the New Millennium: Strategies for/of Continuing Writing Across the Curriculum Programs, Eds. Susan McLeod, Chris Thaiss, and Eric Miraglia. Urbana, IL: National Council of Teachers of English, 2001.), and computers and writing ("Online Learning Environments: Previewing the Online Agora." Works and Days 17 & 18 (1999-2000), 487-498.).

Teaching Interests

His current teaching interests include graduate seminars in writing assessment and in the theory and practice of teaching college composition; and undergraduate courses in which he can apply some of the innovative uses of assessment and computer-enhanced pedagogy that he has encountered over the years.












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