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Digital Technology & Culture


DTC Certification Procedure

Application Process

  • To apply for certification a student must have the following: 24 completed credit hours; a minimum 2.2 GPA; submit a DTC certification packet as outlined below.
  • Certification Forms can be downloaded here. Each application must include this signed Certification Form.
  • Applications must be dropped off to Kristin Becker's office, Avery 479. Put application materials in an appropriately sized envelope or binder and clearly label as "DTC Certification." You will receive a response within two weeks.

The DTC certification packet must include:

  1. A completed certification form (downloaded here)
  2. One digital or multimodal text you have produced. We are looking to see that you have begun the process of learning digital tools, NOT that you are an expert. In the past, students have included logos, videos, animations, websites, page spreads, and posters. It must be something you have digitally manipulated in some way—for example a photograph will not count, but a photograph you took and then used in a poster you designed will. If you have any questions, contact Professor Becker. If the piece cannot be printed out, please include a web address or a CD-ROM. Materials will not be returned.
    1. NOTE: IF the digital text is on YouTube, Google Drive, or another public site that has a very long web address, PLEASE use a link shortener so that we don't have to type in a string of 30 random characters to view your text. We reccomend using: (just put your full link into the "shorten" box and provide us with the short link)
  3. A written statement of purpose (no longer than 750 words total) that addresses 2 areas:
    • a. Explain how you believe the DTC major will support your academic and career goals. Describe what you bring to the DTC program, and describe what you believe a DTC education can provide you.
    • b. Describe the digital or multimodal text you included with your packet. Explain first how you technically made the piece, and second why you made the compositional choices that you did (that is, why does the final product look like it does? Why the colors, images, fonts, or other choices that you made?)


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