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DTC Awards

Each year, the DTC Program in Pullman recognizes outstanding achievement in graphic design, film editing, video production, web development, and animation. These awards are given during the last week of Spring semester at the DTC Showcase.


Spring 2012 Award Winners

On April 25, 2012 the following awards were given for outstanding student achievement.

(tie) Best Print Design: Dustin Hall

goodnightcougsThis poster was designed by Dustin Hall for the Wellbeing Program's Good Night Cougs campaign.  Dustin worked with a client and several partners to create a logo and branding for the entire 2011 Set the Trend Campaign. This included posters, fliers, banners, t-shirts, pillow cases and packaging for ear plugs and tea. Dustin used primarily hand illustration and CS5 Illustrator to create the posters and some Indesign.  The committee appreciated its creativity in utilizing the Goodnight Moon trope as a means of catching people’s attention. We were also impressed with the hand illustration work.

(click the image for a larger view)


(tie) Best Print Design: Jillian Monda

blindpilotThis poster was created for the Belltower Concert House and Event Venue in Pullman where Jill works as an intern. In desribing the poster, Jill says, “I was inspired by Swiss design, and wanted to make a band poster that reflected this. I decided to throw something atypical in, and created a black and white outline of the band members themselves. This was created entirely in InDesign (except the outlines, which were made in Photoshop).” The committee thought it was eye catching, and in fact a few of us even remembered seeing the  poster around town--effective visual branding!

(click the image for a larger view)


Best Logo: Jordan LeClaire

foodbankThis was a project completed in David Huyck’s DTC 336: Composition & Design class. Students worked with the Palouse Food Bank to produce a logo & company identification proposal. Jordan says: “While designing my logo for the Palouse Food Bank …I wanted to use design elements that would represent the city and surrounding Palouse area while also using design elements that could represent the operation of the food bank.”  The committee loved the simplicity and effectiveness of brining together both the geography of the Palouse and the mission of the foodbank. (click the image for a larger view)


Best Website: Ross Dallaire, Nathan Lindahl, Allison Hartinger, Beth Notturno, Chris Hoertel,  Simon Nam

foodbankThis was a project made in David Huyck’s DTC477: Advanced Multimedia Authoring course. The class was charged with designing a website for the Palouse Food Bank that provided information about getting involved and utilizing the services of the food bank. The committee felt this website was very effective in both its usability and its use of aesthetics. The site is warm, welcoming, and user friendly.  (click the image to visit the site)


Best Video Editing: Bryan Varner

varner_red_bullThis video was made by Bryan Varner (and Keegan Snow, the cinematographer) for Red Bull. Thomas Oehler is a world champion Trial Bike rider who did a ‘Back to School’ tour with Red Bull, and WSU was one of the Universities he visited. Bryan edited the material using Adobe Premiere Pro CS5. The slow motion bits are made using the Twixtor plugin. The committee was impressed with the choices of shots, the transitions, and the great use of timing between the music and the images.  (click the image to watch the movie)


Best Film: Beth Notturno

varner_red_bullThis video was made for Rebecca Goodrich’s DTC 354:Digital Storytelling class. Beth says, “I sought to [share the] story of my twin brother, at a time in his life where the silver lining has been  difficult to see. ... The audio synthesizes the voices of his mother, father, and sisters. Throughout, I embedded the film with clues to John's personality, history, and current situation to connect the viewer to a person whom I am deeply connected to – perhaps more than anyone in the world.” The committee thought the video was beautifully shot and tells a very complicated story through a very simple, yet effective, use of verbal and visual narrative.  (click the image to watch the movie)


Best Animation: Brett Lambright and Nick Shephard

varner_red_bullThis is a 3D animation project called "Hole in One" that was made for the final project of the 3D Animation class, DTC 335, in the Fall of 2011. The project was modeled and animated entirely in Maya. Lambright and Shephard describe, “It took 3 and a half months of intense work to make and finish on time. We like how the project turned out. It flows well and the models look fairly good. It's not perfect, but we learned a lot from making it.” The committee was impressed not only with the quality of the animation, but also with the clever storytelling. (click the image to watch the animation)













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