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Worthy of Note

External Awards & Recognition

Leonard Burns (professor, psychology) was elected a fellow in Division 5 (Evaluation, Measurement and Statistics) of the American Psychological Association.

Nicholas Lovrich (regents professor, political science) received an Outstanding Mentor Award at the American Criminal Justice Society's 2011 conference.

Amy Mazur (professor, political science) received the 2010–2011 Outstanding Achievement Award from the Midwest Women's Caucus for Political Science Association.

Keri McCarthy (assistant professor, music) received a Fulbright Scholarship to go to Southeast Asia.

Karen and Jeffrey Savage
Karen & Jeffrey Savage

Jeffrey Savage (assistant professor, music) and Karen Savage (assistant professor, music), of the piano duo 88 Squared, have been chosen to continue as the winners of the Ellis Duo Piano Competition until 2013. The award results in continued national recitals and concert management from the National Federation of Music Clubs.

Major Invited Presentations & Public Appearances

Nicholas Lovrich (regents professor, political science) delivered the keynote address "Enhancing Your Research Output in High Teaching Load Settings: Networks, Mentoring, and Low Cost/High Payoff Targets of Opportunity" on March 9 at San Jose State University's Research Writing Forum.

Gene Rosa (professor, sociology) gave an invited presentation in Washington, D.C., in February to the Presidential Blue Ribbon Commission on America's Nuclear Future. Rosa's invitation, and that of several of his collaborators, was prompted by an article in Science magazine (13 August 2010) where Rosa was lead author. Rosa and colleagues argued that the failure of the United States to arrive at a solution for the disposal of high-level nuclear waste was due to an inattention to public concerns and to the social science knowledge about those concerns and other institutional barriers.

Fellowships & Grants

Anna Chow (advisor, general studies) was awarded $5,000 from the National Academic Advising Association for her project "Building Bridges Across Cultures: Understanding Higher Education in China and How It Impacts Academic Advising."

Kimberly Christen (assistant professor, comparative ethnic studies) received a $25,000 grant from the World Intellectual Property Organization for "Archive, Publishing, and Content Management Tool."

Sabine Davis (clinical associate professor, foreign languages and cultures) received a $900 award from the French American Cultural Exchange Council (FACE) for her French film festival, hosted jointly by WSU and the University of Idaho.

Andrew Duff (associate professor, anthropology) was awarded $5,000 from the Bureau of Land Management for the "Chaco Frontier Communities Project: Intensive Field Documentation of Archaeological Resources in Catron County, New Mexico," part of a multi-year assistance agreement. The award will fund field work in west-central New Mexico by WSU anthropology graduate students and a former anthropology undergraduate student.

Michelle Forsyth (associate professor, fine arts) received a 2010 GAP (Grants for Artist Projects) award from the Artist Trust to pay for a studio assistant in the creation of two large-scale, floor-based installations for two exhibitions. The installations will be made from thousands of hand-cut pieces of watercolor paper and beads mounted to the ends of pins and set in rubber floor panels.

Forsyth's art
Michelle Forsyth, Drift, watercolor paper, photo inkjet paper, watercolor, felt, beads, sequins, monofilament, eye hooks, wood, wire, 60"x60"x180", 2009. View larger image »

Elizabeth Fussell (associate professor, sociology) received a $29,433 subcontract from Princeton University, in collaboration on the National Institutes of Health proposal entitled "Adversity and Resilience: Effects of Hurricane Katrina on Vulnerable Populations." This project will examine how a group of low-income parents from New Orleans, most of whom are single African American women, have coped with the effects of Hurricane Katrina.

Colin Grier (assistant professor, anthropology) was awarded $188,065 from the NSF Division of Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences for "Long Term Economic Change and the Development of Complexity in the Coast Salish Region of the Northwest Coast of North America." The project will investigate long-term economic change in the southern Gulf Islands of coastal British Columbia, Canada, contributing new data to establish how economic change in the region over the last 5,000 years articulated with the emergence of social complexity. More »

Dene Grigar (associate professor, English, WSU Vancouver) and Brett Oppegaard (lecturer, digital technology and culture, WSU Vancouver) were awarded a $19,912 Historic Promotions Grant for the development of Phase II of the Fort Vancouver Mobile Project. Phase I, which includes mobile applications and multimedia content, was successfully beta-tested in January.

Barry Hewlett (professor, anthropology, WSU Vancouver) and Bonnie Hewlett (visiting professor, anthropology, WSU Vancouver) received a $15,000 U.S. Embassy Seed Grant for their innovative partnership with Hawassa University in Ethiopia. The grant funds anthropology teaching support and research collaboration.

Melinda Jackson (postdoctoral research fellow, psychology), Paul Whitney (professor, psychology; senior associate dean), and John Hinson (professor, psychology), in collaboration with the Sleep and Performance Laboratory at WSU Spokane, received a $1,180,789 grant from the National Institutes of Health for "Effects of Sleep Loss on Cognitive Components of Decision Making."

Marianne Kinkel (assistant professor, fine arts) was awarded a Wyeth Foundation for American Art Publication Grant, administered by the College Art Association, for her book Races of Mankind: The Sculptures of Malvina Hoffman, which will be published by the University of Illinois Press in 2011.

William Lipe (professor emeritus, anthropology) received a $4,325 National Trust for Historic Preservation grant for his project "Puebloan Cultural Landscapes of Central Cedar Mesa, Utah."

Meisel's High Noon
Nickolus Meisel, High Noon, mixed media installation, 35. View larger image »

Nickolus Meisel (assistant professor, fine arts) received a 2010 GAP (Grants for Artist Projects) award of $1,500 from the Artist Trust to purchase equipment and pay artist fees for his current project, "A Sound Investigation," and to create future opportunities for collaborations. Sound investigation includes the addition of sound-based elements in his installations.

David Pietz (associate professor, history) has been awarded a 2011–2012 year-long residential fellowship for $65,500 to the Institute for Advanced Studies School of Historical Studies (Princeton) to work on "Engineering a State of Nature: Hydraulic Transformations of the Yellow River Valley, 1949–99."

Travis Ridout (associate professor, political science) received $23,147 from Wesleyan University (a subcontracted award from the Knight Foundation) for his Wesleyan Media Project research.

Jennifer Schwartz (associate professor, sociology) was awarded a $63,003 grant from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism for her project "Public Policy and Policy Enforcement Effects on Changes in Female and Male Drunk Driving." The study examines different populations to determine the efficacy of policies preventing traffic fatalities from drunk driving with each population.

Matthew Sutton (associate professor, history) was awarded a $50,400 NEH fellowship for the 2011–2012 academic year for his book project American Evangelicals and the Politics of Apocalypse. The project analyzes the rise and evolution of American evangelicalism in the twentieth century. More »

Brian Vila (professor, criminal justice, WSU Spokane) was awarded a $294,000 grant from the California Department of Justice for his project "PRECIS: Design for an Experimental Test of the Impact of Work-Related Fatigue on Police Officer Vehicle Collision Risk." The research will use controlled laboratory experiments to assess traffic collision risk factors for police officers during routine vehicle operations while working an average work week and will compare the fatigue-related collision risks of police officers working day vs. night shifts.

Brendan Walker (assistant professor, psychology) will be awarded $1.654 million over the next five years from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism for his project entitled "Role of Dynorphin/Kappa-Opioid Systems in Alcohol Dependence." Walker hopes to better understand the neuroadaptations in dynorphin systems that occur in response to chronic alcohol exposure and contribute to attenuated motivational and affective states. More »

University Awards

College of Liberal Arts faculty and T.A.'s were recognized at the WSU University College awards ceremony on April 19 with the following awards:

  • Shila Baksi (assistant professor, anthropology), Ben Bunting (teaching assistant, English), and Roger Chan (instructor, history) received Harold and Jeanne Rounds Olsen Writing in the Disciplines Faculty Service Awards.
  • Sheri Rysdam (teaching assistant, English) received the Susan H. McLeod Writing Across the Curriculum Travel Grant.
  • David Pietz (associate professor, history) and Cherri Wemlinger (teaching assistant, history) received the Common Reading Excellence Award.
  • Pamela Lee (clinical assistant professor, fine arts) and Jesse Spohnholz (assistant professor, history) received the Eric W. Bell Learning Communities Excellence Award.
  • Pamela Lee also received the WSU Distinguished Teaching Award.

Carol Ivory (professor, fine arts) received the 2010 Samuel H. Smith Leadership Award from the Association for Faculty Women. More »

Tim Kohler (regents professor, anthropology) was selected to present the 2011 Distinguished Faculty Address. More »

William Lipe (professor emeritus, anthropology) received the 2011 WSU Emeritus Society Legacy of Excellence Award. More »

Maureen Schmitter-Edgecombe (professor, psychology) presented "The Future of Aging in Place: Merging Psychology and Technology to Help Us Live Independently Longer" as part of WSU's Innovators Lecture Series at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel in Seattle in December. See a video clip »

Amy Skinder-Meredith (assistant professor, speech and hearing sciences, WSU Spokane) was recognized as one of four Women of Distinction at WSU's 2011 Women's Recognition Luncheon for her leadership in teaching, community service, and scholarship. More »

Gregory W. Yasinitsky (regents professor, music) received WSU's 2011 Eminent Faculty Award. More »

College Awards

The 2011 CLA Awards Ceremony was held April 21 in the Honors Hall Lounge.

  • Administrative Professional Excellence Award
    Michael Gaffney (acting director, DGSS)
  • Excellence in Institutional Service
    Erich Lear (professor, music)
  • Excellence in Professional Service (Public Agency or Discipline)
    Amy Mazur (professor, political science)
  • Outstanding Achievement in International Teaching, Research/Creative Activities, and/or Service
    David Pietz (associate professor, history)
  • Dean's Outstanding Contribution Award
    William Andrefsky (professor, anthropology)
  • Early Achievement in Scholarship
    Travis Ridout (associate professor, political science)
    Matthew Sutton (associate professor, history)
  • Mid-Career Achievement in Scholarship
    Tahira Probst (professor, psychology, WSU Vancouver)
  • Outstanding Career Achievement in Scholarship
    Eugene A. Rosa (professor, sociology)
  • Excellence in Teaching by a Clinical Faculty Member or Instructor
    Sabine Davis (clinical associate professor, foreign languages and cultures)
  • William F. Mullen Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching
    Rachel Halverson (associate professor, foreign languages and cultures)
    Lori Wiest (associate professor, music)

Tenure & Promotion

All promotions are effective August 16, 2011.

Promoted to Clinical Associate Professor
  • Christine Oakley, Sociology
Granted Tenure & Promoted to Associate Professor
  • Dana Baker, Political Science, WSU Vancouver
  • Kimberly Christen, Comparative Ethnic Studies
  • Armando Estrada, Psychology, WSU Vancouver
  • Douglas Gast, Fine Arts, WSU Tri-Cities
  • Edward Hagen, Anthropology, WSU Vancouver
  • Marianne Kinkel, Fine Arts
  • Pavithra Narayanan, English, WSU Vancouver
  • Nancy Potter, Speech & Hearing Sciences, WSU Spokane
  • Jeffrey Savage, Music
  • Darryl Wood, Political Science, WSU Vancouver
Promoted to Professor
  • Joseph Keim Campbell, Philosophy
  • Peter Chilson, English
  • Francisco Manzo-Robledo, Foreign Languages & Cultures
  • Clayton Mosher, Sociology, WSU Vancouver
  • Thomas Rotolo, Sociology

New CLA Faculty & Administrators

Chairs, Directors, & Administrative Staff

Robert Bauman (associate professor, history, WSU Tri-Cities) assumed the role of interim academic director of liberal arts at WSU Tri-Cities in April following the departure of Leonard Orr, who has been appointed assistant vice chancellor for academic affairs at WSU Vancouver.


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