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Women's Studies Internships (Women_St 410)


Professional internships provide the opportunity for practical application of theoretical knowledge (praxis). In your internship, you will apply academic theory to a work situation in your field of interest by:

  • Designing and following a learning plan.
  • Analyzing power structures in organizations.
  • Considering leadership models.
  • Exploring how and why societal change is accomplished.

Additionally, you will learn and practice skills in multicultural communication, problem solving, conflict resolution, and strategizing for change.

The internship is a variable credit course and may be taken for 1–12 credit hours. Placements are made following consultation with the undergraduate coordinator. It is highly recommended that students initiate personal consultations well before the internship semester.

Internship Opportunities

Women's studies interns work in a wide range of fields and positions, and students often design their own internship to ensure the work provides the experience they are seeking.

Our growing catalog tracks internship opportunities from Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, as well as other national groups. Internships are also available via the National Women's Studies Association website.

Undergraduate Coordinator

Contact the CCGRS office at 509-335-2605 for more information about internships.

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