College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Critical Culture, Gender, and Race Studies

Women's Studies Intern Placements

Our students are currently interning in a variety of areas. Some of their recent program placements and responsibilities are detailed below.

ATVP (Alternatives to Violence of the Palouse)

ATVP creates awareness and understanding of domestic violence, sexual assault, and crime and directly assists survivors of such crimes. Be a victim's/survivor's advocate, volunteer coordinator, or hotline respondent.

CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates for children)

CASA is the only volunteer organization that empowers everyday citizens as appointed members of the court. In an overburdened social welfare system, abused and neglected children often slip through the cracks among hundreds of current cases. CASA volunteers change that. Appointed by judges, CASA volunteers typically handle just one case at a time—and commit to staying on that case until the child is placed in a safe, permanent home. While others may come and go, CASA volunteers provide that one constant children need in order to thrive.

Child Protective Services, Department of Children & Family Services

Learn about children's administration, attend investigations, observe parent–child visitations, and assist in adoption processes.

Multicultural Student Services (WSU)

Assist with Native American Student Center programs specific to students of the Plateau Tribes. Serve as an advocate to these students in efforts to help them find resources for assistance from the various social service agencies on the Palouse.

Pullman Aquatics

Plan and oversee a Halloween-oriented night for Spooky-Splash, canned swim, themed family night, and other fund-raisers for those in need.

Department of Women's Studies (WSU)

Serve as a teaching assistant for women’s studies courses. Assist instructors by grading papers and assignments and completing preparation of and research on films to be shown in class. Possible class presentations for instructor (such as during a planned absence to attend a conference).

VOX—Voices for Planned Parenthood

Facilitate and manage activities. Assist in public outreach and educational presentations for campus and community groups. Work in coalition with other groups who are allies of Planned Parenthood and VOX. Collect petition signatures, register people to vote, and collect Planned Parenthood Advocacy Network membership at outreach events.














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