College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Critical Culture, Gender, and Race Studies

Undergraduate Courses-Summer 2015

Maymester (5/11-5/29)
  • Am St 475: Digital Diversity / Johnson
  • CES 101.1: Introduction to Comparative Ethnic Studies / Barclay
  • CES 338: Cinematic Images of Blackness / Guerrero
  • W St 120: Sex, Race, and Reproduction in Global Health Politics / Gaskin
6-Week 1 (5/11-6/19)
6-Week 2 (6/22-7/31)
Late 4-Week (7/6-7/31)
  • Am St 216: American Cultures / Streamas
Summer Advantage (7/6-7/31)
  • CES 101.2: Introduction to Comparative Ethnic Studies / Leonard
    Enrollment is limited to Summer Advantage students.

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