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CES Internships: FAQ

Can anyone participate in the CES internship program?

No. Given limited space and the popularity of program, we must limit internships to majors and minors. For others, please contact the CCGRS office, Rose Smetana, program coordinator.

What are the prerequisites for a CES internship?
  • Senior standing.
  • CES major or minor.
  • Completion of 6 hours of CES core course sequence (CES 201, 301, or 491) for majors; CES minors must have completed CES 201.
  • Completion of 9 hours of upper-division CES courses.
Do I have to apply for an internship?

Yes! Before enrolling in CES 498, students must:

  • Submit a proposal to our CES internship coordinator.
  • Secure the consent of the department faculty member who will supervise the internship.
  • Secure written consent of the internship agency.
Is an internship required to graduate?

Yes! All CES majors entering in fall 2004 or later must take CES 498 to graduate; CES minors are encouraged to participate in internship as part of their degree.

Do I have to pay for internship credit?

Yes. Internship credit is just like any other course; you will be billed per credit hour. This is also true for summer session. You must enroll for summer credit if you plan to take a summer internship.

How often am I allowed to take an internship?

A student may not enroll more than twice in CES 498 for a total of 3 credit hours.

Will I receive a letter grade for my internship?

CES 498 will be graded pass/fail.

How many units can be taken with CES 498?

Up to 3 hours of credit earned in CES 498 may be counted as part of the CES major and minor.













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