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Photo: Jorge MoragaJorge Moraga

Ph.D. Candidate (ABD)

Jorge recently taught CES 209, Hip Hop Around the Globe, during spring 2015. He taught CES 151 and CES 209 during the spring and summer 2014 academic terms, respectively, and CES 101 in fall 2013 and 2014. His teaching assistantship was CES 151, Intro to Chicano/Latino Studies, under the mentorship of associate professor Linda Heidenreich in fall 2012.

Jorge's doctoral study looks at the interplay between North American sport, Latinos, and the media in relation to popular discourses on/about the browning of America, Latinidad, transnational borderlands, and citizenship. Additional research interests include: the racialization of intellectual property law; biopower; the Chicana/o Educational Pipeline; neoliberalism; Hispanic marketing; multiculturalism as doublespeak; hip hop as critical pedagogy; regimes of surveillance; anti-globalization and student social movements.

Since beginning graduate school in 2012, Jorge has worked with the Aim High Summer Program as a Lead Teacher for Garfield Middle School in Redwood City, California. He has taught multiple humanities courses to rising seventh and rising eighth graders. He hopes to continue teaching and motivating youth from working-class communities of color long after graduate studies. In his free time, Jorge enjoys spending time at home with his best friend and their two loving kitties. Though originally from the San Fernando Valley in Southern California, Jorge's roots spring from the 1980s-Salvadoran Diaspora.   


  • "You Made El Team-O! The Transnational Browning of the National Basketball Association through the Noche Latina Campaign," in Cogitatio Press Special Issue of Social Inclusion, Sport for Social Inclusions: Critical Analyses and Future Challenges (forthcoming).
Book Review
  • Streetsmart Schoolsmart: Urban Poverty and the Education of Adolescent Boys by Gilberto Conchas and James Diego Vigil. Aztlán: A Journal of Chicano Studies, 38:2 (Fall 2013), pp. 281-285.
Encyclopedia Entries
  • "Sport and Ethnicity" with C. Richard King in Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology, 2nd Edition (under review).
  • "Postcolonialism and Sport" with C. Richard King in Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology, 2nd Edition (under review).
In-progress Publications
  • Book Review for Latinos in the End Zone: Conversations on the Brown Color Line (2014) by Frederick Luis Aldama and Christopher González in Sociology of Sport Journal (2014).
  • Encyclopedia Entry on "Multiculturalism" in The Encyclopedia of Social Theory by Wiley Blackwell.


  • "La Noche del Cougador: Colorblind Racism and the Politics of Higher Edutainment," conference paper for the 2014 National Association Ethnic Studies at Mills College at Oakland, CA, April 3-5, 2014.
  • "From Chile to Arizona: Neoliberal Resistance and Transnational Student Solidarity," conference paper for the 2013 Critical Ethnic Studies Association at University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL, September 19-21, 2013.
  • "The Queer Art of Multiculturalism: Locating Strategic Essentialism in the Neoliberal University," conference paper for the 2013 National Association Ethnic Studies at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, April 12-13, 2013.
  • "With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility": Graduate Students Keepin' the Movement Alive, group panel discussion for the 9th Annual International Globalization, Diversity, and Education Conference at Heathman Lodge, Vancouver, WA, February 20-22, 2013.
  • "Struggle, Expansion, and Banning: Toward A Critical Understanding of Ethnic Studies in the Neoliberal Era," conference paper for the 2012 NACCS Pacific Northwest FOCO Regional Conference at Heritage University, Toppenish, WA, October 19-20, 2012.
  • "Struggle, Expansion, and Banning: Toward A Critical Understanding of Ethnic Studies in the Neoliberal Era," conference paper for the 2nd Annual McNair Scholars Program Research Symposium at California State University Northridge, April 13, 2012.


  • "Breakin' the norm: Chicano/Latino males resisting the school to prison pipeline" with Edmundo M. Aguilar, third-year doctoral student. Workshop presented for the annual CASHE 2013 conference at Washington State University, Nov. 9, 2013.
  • "Que es Chicano?" with Professor Heidenreich. Workshop presented for CASHE Student-Organizers at Washington State University, Oct. 2-3, 2013.
  • "Tracing Chican@ WSU History" with Professor Heidenreich, Lizeth Gutierrez, and Veronica Sandoval. Workshop presented at the Freedom School: The Movement Is Not Dead at Washington State University, Sept. 28, 2013.
  • "Graduate School 101" with Vanessa Martinez and Veronica Bonilla-Pacheco. Workshop presented at the CASHE Conference at Washington State University, Nov. 3, 2012.

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