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Department of Critical Culture, Gender, and Race Studies

Liz McNeill

Ph.D. Candidate (ABD), American Studies

Liz is currently teaching W St 338, Women and Popular Culture, for the fall 2013 semester. She taught W St 200, Gender and Power: Introduction to Women's Studies, in spring 2013.

Her research interests include feminist and gender theory with the incorporation of queer subjectivities. Specifically, she is interested in the political ramifications with the advent of queer subjects. Queer theory is a driving force in her research, which motivates alternative considerations to the normative, and material feminist theory grounds her work politically. A material connection allows for examination of the constructed conditions to which lived bodies are subjected.

In her free time she enjoys moon walking, drinking responsibly, hiking, commodifying her culture at pride festivals across the globe, and gardening.

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Wilson-Short 111

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Wednesday 12:00–1:00 p.m.
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