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Department of Critical Culture, Gender, and Race Studies

Mary Jo Klinker

Ph.D., American Studies

Mary Jo Klinker is an instructor at Washington State University where she teaches undergraduate courses in the Department of Critical Culture, Race and Gender Studies.

Mary Jo's research interests include feminist and gender theory, sexual division of labor, political economy, and empire and globalization.

For Summer 2013, Dr. Klinker will be teaching W St 406, Women and Work in Global Contexts. For Fall 2013, she will be teaching W St 101.4, Gender and Power: Introduction to Women's Studies; W St 220, Gender, Culture and Science; and W St 332, Global Feminisms.

Contact Dr. Klinker
Wilson-Short Hall 111
509-335-2605 (message)

Office Hours

TBA or by appointment

Course Materials

Fall 2013
  • W St 101.04
  • W St 220
  • W St 332
Summer 2013
  • W St 406
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